Friday, March 1, 2013

what's inside my brain

oh you know, just three pals hanging out in front of the washing machine 

1. GEMMA'S FIRST EASTER. ASDHFJKASAHHHH! i just cannot even breathe. she has a bonnet you guys. A. BONNET.

2. Marchesa for JCP. just a whole bunch of fabulousness that i want to live in.

3. J Brand sent me an email entitled WE MISS YOU. believe you me, J Brand, i fuckin miss you too.

4. re: yesterday: allllllright Today show. we get it. the pope is retiring. stop covering itttttt. #worstcatholicever

5. my mother-in-law is coming to town on sunday! that means shopping, Gemma/Grandma time, delicious food and lots of love. my own mother said to me, "L, please promise me that you'll wipe the baseboards clean in your bathroom before Anne gets there." but but but...okfine mom, i will.

6. my friend Mel's family is from Hawaii. and so her nice self gave JJ and me two boxes of chocolate covered macadamia nuts. and I MEAN. they were gone in a flash. IN A FLASH.

7. speaking of chocolate, i bought one bag of butterfinger eggs and one bag of reese's eggs and one more bag of reese's mini peanut butter cups (for good measure, you know) and dumped them into a serving dish with a lid (that was a piece of JJ's grandparents' wedding china!) i thought it was a great idea to hide the treats in there, like "oh you know, out of sight, out of mind." wrong. WRONG. dead wrong. now i'm just painfully aware of how much chocolate i am eating because i walk over to that damn serving dish every 30 seconds for another.

8. the Taylor Swift Goat Song. hahahahah LJ showed it to me the other day and i'm sorry Taylor, you're my girl, but OMGGG IT'S SOOOO FUNNY. and now i can't listen to the original song without laughing.

9. Gemma got JJ a pair of running underwear for Valentine's Day. and he loves them. whenever they're clean, they're the first ones he wears. the other night before bed i said to JJ, "JJ YOU ARE SO CUTE I JUST LOVE YA!" and he smiled and said he loved me too. then we climbed in bed and i read my book and he watched the Kings and we were settling into the quietness of night, when all of a sudden he turned to me and said, "L. i know why you said i was cute tonight. it's because i put on my performance underwear before bed." ajdfjajshkfdahahahaahahahahaaaaaaa shut up JJ! JUST SHUT UPPPPP hahahahhahaaaa i died laughing. partly because he had spent so much time thinking about it, but mostly because he called them "performance underwear" like an old mannnnn.

10. SPOILER ALERT!!! i just watched the newest episode of PLL on my DVR and OMFG TOBY'S DEAD?! thanks for ruining my friday, abc family. thanks a lot.


  1. Few feelings in life are as great as laughing out loud when reading something funny. Today, I thank you for that :)

  2. Yay for Annie Banannie time! I'm going to ask her about the baseboards, you know. Very. First. Thing. Mwahahahahaha...

  3. LOL!! 1. the damn goat just never gets old. bhahahaha!! 2. can't believe you ate ALL of the cholocates yourself. stop. I ate like 15. 3. performance underwear. Hahahaahahah

  4. Oh and 4. who cleans their baseboards??! not me. Oops!

  5. Hahah performance underwear. Hilar. And I feel your pain on cleaning things that seem.. Um, a little unnecessary? My MIL is a super OCD clean freak and expects we're the same. Haha, no-no MIL.. You should know that we go into a frenzy and clean in a matter of 20mins when we hear you're wanting to come visit. Lol.

    A bonnet?! I died. I need to get one for my baby! ❤

  6. I feel you on the J Brand thing! No one else could see why I'd pay $200 on jeans and I'm just all "do you NOT see my butt in these, it's freakin fabulous!" So worth the money...until I had to start paying all my own bills. Now they've all become my special occasion jeans AND I have to clean baseboards! Isn't being an adult great...

  7. hahahaha performance undies!!! I miss J Brand too...

  8. This another Taylor Swift song paroday. I died laughing when I heard it.

  9. Hahahahahahahaperformanceunderwearhahahaha!

  10. Hahahaaha, you and your mans interactions are the BEST.


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