Friday, March 22, 2013

what's inside my brain

1. you know, this picture could have been really great if i actually shaved my armpits on a regular basis. there are areas in personal grooming that we are all sticklers about, ya know? shaving isn't one of them. at least not for me (though, after blowing up this picture, it definitely should be). i'm more concerned about my fingernails being painted at all times. literally. all. time. i feel naked without paint on my nails.

2. if you have not tried the cool ranch dorito taco from the bell........YOUARESERIOUSLYMISSINGOUT. because that shit is so delicious. i met up with my friend Big G (which we decided is an unfortunate but necessary nickname, so as not to be confused with Little G) in the Forever21 parking lot where we scarfed down the tacos and then went into F21 to do a little shopping. of course Gemma found a duck bath mitt that she couldn't live without and Big G so graciously spoiled Little G by purchasing said duck bath mitt.

3. the Gonzaga game was so stressful. JJ blamed me for the almost-loss because i "all of a sudden cared when they were doing just fine without my support."

4. we had a playyyyyyyydate with Mel and Little M and they were so cute playing together. Gem is seriously going through the "Stranger Danger" phase where she trusts no one. but she allowed her little bff and mom to hang out with us all morning:

xbox remotes for the win.

 Gemstar had a mouthful of paint chips after this. nice.

4. it snowed. it snowed at my house this morning. just please.

5. did you know that i am the accountant in my family? well i am. even though i am terrible at math. JJ is the moneymoney maker and i'm the spender and the treasurer. i filed our taxes yesterday. isn't it sort of stressful? like AM I DOING THIS RIGHT?! but i did do it right, and i'm quite proud of my work. 

6. what is the proper tomato to onion ratio when making pico de gallo? because judging by JJ's breath last night, it definitely was heavy on the onion. 

7. has anyone ever used one of these things when traveling with a carseat? does it work? i need a solution. i can't carry the damn thing all the way through the airport to gate check all by myself.

8. Jim Carrey and his big feet on David Letterman. omg. i peed my pants.

9. i have never wished more that i lived in the Harry Potter books than i do at this time in my life. i have always wanted to be able to do the obvious things like apparate and save Cedric Diggory and bow to a Hippogriff, but lately i would settle with just a magic wand to pick up Gemma's toys before i stub my toes on all of them.

10. omg so true:


  1. I once had an extensive convo in the airport with a mom who had one of those carseat-wheelie things. Two actually, because she had twins (!!!). She said they were amazing, and totally worth the money. We're probably going to get one before we go to Maine this summer.

  2. Wait, I lied. The ones she had were separate, free-standing handle thingies that you attach right to the carseat and then you drag the carseat like you would the suitcase. You didn't attach it to a suitcase like the one you linked to.

  3. who cares about hairy arm pits, that pic is srsly so cute and needs a frame <3 I never shave my legs. i blame it on being a swimmer in hs/college. the hubs gets so annoyed. its probably fine! Those free standing handle carseats are amazing. it will save your arms!

    1. also i love that e card! so true.

  4. em and amy--ok i'm definitely going to check out the free standing handle thingggg. thanks :)

  5. Totally thought the arm pit air was a shadow. You're all good. When we were in high school, my best friend went through a ~feminist~ phase and stopped shaving her arm pits. But she failed to consider how naturally hairy she is, and we were all horrified when it got so long it started to CURL UP LIKE AN AFRO. So bad.

  6. Have you seen these? I thought about getting one for when we need to travel with the car seat :)

  7. Hi! It's Marsha. Last time I flew with my kids, I rented a car and carseats at the destination so I didn't have to carry it. Travel light if its just you and Gemma. Lest stressful!

  8. loved my gogobabyz carseat contraption - got us through many airports. my eva was just more comfy in her own carseat when flying, and was great to have it when we rented cars @ our destinations or rode around w/friends there.


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