Tuesday, March 19, 2013

what's on L's phone?!

gemma dear. 

my friend Mel and i took our cranky teething babies to UVillage for some screaming. it was a good time. each little girl got a toy to soothe their achy gums. pooooooor girlies. and then Gemma learned how to drink out of a straw at Jamba Juice! just like that. it was so exciting! and so we got her a sippy cup with a straw to use at home. we filled it with water and she threw it on the ground. when there's no sugary goodness at the end of the straw, there's obviously no point in drinking out of it.   

Ann Taylor Loft dressing rooms are the best dressing rooms for nursing. clean and pretty and soft seating. hell to the yes.  

taking a bath in the sink at Grandma's! (isn't that such a rite of passage??) G loves that big ass duck. 

OK SO YOU KNOW THAT RIDE SOARIN' OVER CALIFORNIA IN DISNEYLAND? well JJ's parent's live right by the part where you smell the orange trees. i just love that factoid. like i reallllllly love it. i tell everyone. i brag until the day is done about it. and everyone is like "i knowwwww L. i know. you've told me that like a hundred times." anyway, we went strolling through all the orange and lemon trees and it was really fun. until JJ stole an orange and i got really worried that we were going to get caught and thrown in jail forever (i'm such a rule-following oldest child).

one of Gemsie Bear's favorite books is Where Is the Green Sheep? we took her to a little farm on Sunday and she got really excited to see a real sheep in real life. and you guys, sheep shit smells.  

THAT'S TINY JJ with his older brother. oh. em. gee. isn't he so adorably kissable? those sandals. and his little jumper.  

on our way from JJ's parents' house to the airport, Gem fell asleep in the car and her head kept bobbing. so i held her face up for her and died at how cute it made her cheeks look.  

JJ's dad is obsessed with the L.A. Kings. he has season tickets and everything. and we always see him on TV because he's the only one in the crowd who wears the old yellow jersey from the 80s. JJ finally paused the TV and we took a picture. WHERE'S WALDO? (but seriously. when you're playing where's waldo and you finally find his ass, isn't like "omg. it's so obvious. WHY DIDN'T I FIND HIM SOONER?!") 

MONSTER BUTT! my extremely talented sister-in-law Em MADE these pants for G. she knit them. with her own two hands. AREN'T THEY ADORABLE?! and i'm so obsessed with them. they are sooooo cute. AND just for good measure she whipped up a coupla hats.  

this is what i dealt with today. coming home from vacation is the worst.  

haaaaaaaahahahahahahhahahahhahahaa this is seriously my favorite thing. in. the. world. OHMYGOD. my sister M and i were literally dying laughing over this. we were crying we laughed so hard. TOP RIGHT. is my favorite. hahahahhaahaaaaaaaahahhahah

me, my sister CA and my grandma on the way to brunch! 

i had Lasik surgery in college. it really is a miracle surgery. i woke up the day after and was all "I CAN SEE! I CAN SEE! GOD BLESS US EVERYONE!" totally fabulous. and then i had a baby. and now i can't see again. piss! and so i went to see my uncle the eye doctor and he said that until i'm done having babies, it probably isn't worth it to get Lasik done. and i was like OK MY UNCLE IS ASKING ME ABOUT MY FAMILY PLANNING AND I DON'T REALLY EVEN KNOW WHAT MY FAMILY PLAN IS. so i got glasses. my cousin (pictured) picked out these frames for me. i kind of love them. 

my friend got Gemstone this sweet shirt. and aren't big, obnoxious red bows the best kind of bows? 

sour lemon face!  

Lola hogging Gem's blanket. typical.  

Gemma is beginning to crawl. actually, scratch that. it's not a crawl really. it's more of a one-legged pirate hobble and it's so hilarious. but she only does it if there's something out of her reach that she realllllly wants. like cheese. and so naturally i created a cheese trail to get her to one-legged pirate hobble her way down the hall. this is strikingly similar to how i trained Cleo to learn the command "leave it." HEY! whatever works, ya know?

i went grocery shopping. 


  1. OMG, RONNNNNNN! That's awesome! Rockin' the yellow jersey! He brought me one to wear when we went on our daddy/daughter date last weekend, but I chose the more lady like black.

  2. i have so many things to say!!! first, i'm super jealous that gemma loves her ergo. Parker HATES it. she likes nothing that constrains her in any way. 2nd...i had lasik too but now glasses are all cool and trendy and i want to wear glasses again. 3rd...sharks with people teeth! ha! 4th. BOWS!! 5th. cheese trail....so smart.

  3. 1. Could you look anymore fabulous breastfeeding at AT? No. No you couldn't.

    2. JJs new skinny neck shocks me every time.

    3. That shopping trip was brilliant. The 11am weekday Bellini = epic.

  4. Ron and his jersey! Monster butt! Baby JJ! That first pic of Gemma--I have the cutest granddaughter ever! Lovelovelove Soaring over California! Egad I hope your floors were clean!

  5. WHERE did you get that sweater with the Aztec print?!? I neeeeed it!

    1. OhmygoshIloveyou! I have been lurking this post since I asked, thank you for responding! <3

  6. I totally have those Dior glasses!! I get compliments on them all the time!


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