Wednesday, April 10, 2013

aloha goodbye, we're off.

all we want to do these days is use Cleo's leash as a monkey lasso while also topless. i mean, whatever.

i am stuck in a window seat on a 6-hour flight with a 10-month-old baby, but i don't think anyone feels bad for me because i'm en route to Hawaii. i have monkeys, back-up monkeys, cookies, toys, Sesame Street podcasts up the a-hole and emergency Benadryl. i am not above the emergency Benadryl*

also, i packed for both Gemstar AND me for 8 days in one carry-on bag. isn't that amazing?? i'm so impressed with myself. i got wistful while packing...gone are the days when filling a suitcase for Hawaii was all Abercrombie cut-off shorts (unzipped and worn over a swimsuit, obviously) and teeny tiny bikinis. now it's all about the high-waisted bottoms (which are seriously amazing if you're in the market for a pair), one-pieces and long shorts fit for a ladies' day on the golf course. hell yeah.

anyway, we have left JJ and Cleo behind in the rain. JJ is all busy fretting about Gemma and me without him for 8 days. he has forbade me to take the baby into the ocean because of that one time i accidentally fell asleep in a floatie in the sea and i woke up screaming and my family was all "L CALM DOWN AND JUST SWIM TO SHORE," but i refused--SHARKS WOULD EAT ME, OBVIOUSLY--and lifeguards had to save me and it was really embarrassing but c'mon i'm not going to take G out to the sea and forget about her and take a nap. ghodddd.

i don't know if i'll feel like blogging much while we're away, but if you want to see what we're up to, i'll be instagramming my way through mai tais and shaved ice and sand in tiny buttcracks (BUT SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS, SAND IN TINY BUTTCRACKS, IS THERE ANYTHING CUTER?)


*update: as it turns out, i am above the emergency Benadryl. i returned it after i read the label on the back that said "do not use to make a child sleepy" and "do NOT use on any child under the age of 2." it's the rule follower in me, i can't help it.


  1. oh my gosh, i seriously LOLed at the falling asleep in the ocean story. Hope you have a fantastic time in Hawaii!

  2. Have a blast! hope the flight went well :) so jealous you are in Hawaii!

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