Tuesday, April 2, 2013


it's hard for me to get back into the swing of things after a holiday. it's even harder this year since Gemma and i got head colds for Easter (side note: whining to JJ that i'm sick while Gemma is also sick just isn't as effective as it used to be). it's even harder this year also because my own dumb ass accidentally flushed the hairspray lid down the toilet. i have literally been elbow deep in shit this morning. i tried to reach it, but it's not there. and so i googled and all i get is, "snake it out" and "detach your toilet, remove the object, put toilet back on and replace the wax seal." both of those options require me to go to the home depot. and i really don't like the home depot. so instead i flushed a couple of times. the toilet seems to be working fine, so i guess the lid made its way to the city septic line? please don't call the poop police on me. it was an honest mistake. 

anyway, Easter was wonderful. and shut up you guys look what i made:

i had a lot of help from my sisters, but whatever. i spearheaded the project, so i get to take the credit.

also here is Gemstone in her Easter dress:

PILGRIM BABY OMGGG I CANNOT EVEN HANDLE THAT BONNET. she hated that bonnet. but i made her wear it anyway because i'm mean.

you guys, this is how JJ holds the baby. i'm all "stop holding her like that. like you're a rodent wrangler who's just caught something." and he's like "ohmygod L shut up. she likes it. she's not crying, she's perfectly happy." and i mean, i guess he's right. BUT SRSLY:

but really, i hope you all had a nice Easter and ate far too many jellybeans.


  1. She is too cute. Eats yet Gemma might be my fave so far

  2. That's how I hold N2 sometimes. Like sister, like brother. Maybe that's how our mom carried us? Or how I carried him when he was a wee babe?

  3. cutest baby Easter dress and baby I have ever seen (for a girl)....miss you!

  4. so i feel like a total creeper, but i love your blog and when i saw the picture of your husband holding yall's baby, i had to comment. my husband holds our 9 month old the SAME way and ALWAYS yell at him to quit holding him like a bag of groceries! i so thought he was the only human who would carry a baby like that!

  5. Oh, Easter Gemma kills me! The bonnet, the dress, the shoes. So precious!


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