Monday, April 29, 2013

what's inside my brain

 multitasking champion!! mothering AND having a beer. 

1. well. i had a wonderful and lazy weekend with some of my favorite gals: Sand and her baby, Rah (who came all the way from Spokane!) and of course Gemsie and Cleo. i'm mad at the pup. while Sand was rocking her baby to sleep in Gemma's room, Cleo decided to lay two huge dog logs on the carpet in there. i mean. come on. COME ON CLEO.

2. Martha. omg. keep it in your pants. i can't believe her 71-year-old self said she "wanted to sleep with someone" on national TV this morning!

3. Gemma says "woof" now. it's all about the dogs and ducks for her.

4. JJ has uploaded exactly six photos from his phone to facebook: 1. a selfie he took on Lake Coeur d'Alene, 2. a doughnut, 3. a snapshot of the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert, 4. a landscape shot of our white Christmas 2012 morning in Suncadia, 5. me face-deep in a bag of salt n vinegar chips and this one:

he could not be more thrilled that Gemcat was hanging around hockey gear while wearing a pink skirt

5. i lost one of my nursing tank tops and it's like, completely debilitating. literally 20% of my wardrobe is missing because of that one top. and honestly, where did it go? 

6. Footloose was on TV this last weekend, and can i just say: SHUT UP KEVIN BACON WITH THOSE DANCE MOVES HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA the girls and i couldn't stop laughing at him. the more years that pass, the funnier that movie gets, amiright?!

7. is it mean to shake Gemma's seat to keep her from falling asleep in the car?

8. as a vegetarian i have always felt hypocritical because of my love for leather goods. until i just recently received an early birthday gift in the form of the most gorgeous lavender faux leather jacket (thanks Mimi!) that is completely washable and so effing cute. pleather is such a scary word, but if you find a high quality pleather (i.e. not from Forever21. my pleather jacket from F21 is so cute, but it looks and feels cheap up close [and also just in case you were wondering, you can't get the smell of puke out of F21 pleather]), you're golden! and now i don't feel so conflicted.   

9. for those of you who asked: both my striped swimsuit and peplum swimsuit are made by Lolli. i love their suits. so so cute and very well made.

10. it's almost peony season. omg omg omg!


  1. Do you mean Footloose? Homeboy Bacon wasn't in Dirty Dancing!

    Also, Joony ALWAYS starts nodding off right as we're pulling into our neighborhood and I always start talking to him really loudly. "JOONY! WHAAAAAT'S UP JOONY!!!! HEY BABY!! YOU SLEEPY????!" It's just to keep him awake so he can have a GREAT bed nap instead of a so-so car seat nap...we're still good moms.

    1. OMG thanks B for catching that one. FOOTLOOSE. i fixed it.

  2. I love peonies too I cannot WAIIIT to put some in a vase, I shake C's foot and sing really loud if she starts to fall asleep in the car, so yes you are still a good mom!

  3. #10, I'm right there with ya girl.

  4. thank you so much for explaining where you got your swimsuit! a lot of bloggers don't take the time to answer questions, so i was super excited and surprised when i saw you responded :) you're great and your blog is a hoot!!

  5. You look like such a bad ass mom in that first pic!! I love it!


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