Wednesday, April 3, 2013

what's on L's phone?!

oh gawwwd. i'm so emo hipster with my new glasses. 

Gemmaberry and Lola playin' 

it's so funny when all the animals convene in one area at my parents' house. it's like they are having a meeting. 

stroller ride at Nannie and Bear's house! 

G's first swim lesson a couple weeks ago. it's so dumb, but she loves it. 

we went to KKiss' house last weekend and of course she had crafts for us! chocolate dipped peeps. delicioussssss! 

removing socks is the most fun game ever, obviously. Gemma reminds me of a gay man in Florida with the deep v-neck and print on those jammies.

playing in the yard in the sunshineeeee

poking Cleo in the eye. 

Easter baby. 

look at that poser in the gym. my sister M teaches a yoga/pilates class and so my mom and i went to it. it was hard. but fun. and ohmygod i was so sore the next few days. 

 cute Nannie

 i just had to take a million pics of me inside a gym. gyms are so smelly. like it just smells like an old sock. they really need to pump some fresh air and maybe light a candle in there.

Gemcake met a tortoise! it just roams around the Selah library like it owns the place. 

Bear riding is the best. 


i showed my sisters how to make their own terrariums! i made one for Rah's birthday. look at G's one little evil eye poking out of the carrier. hahahahaa

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  1. I want a terrarium lesson too! Can we do that on a Wed date?


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