Tuesday, April 30, 2013

what's on L's phone?!

hahahahahhahahaaaa i'm so stupid. this was taken during my sister CA's wedding weekend. i said "HEY CHARLIE CHARLIE CHARLIE TAKE MY PIC POSING IN FRONT OF THE FIREPLACE!" and so she did. and this is how stupid i looked. hahahahahhaaaa she sent it to me today and neither of us could stop laughing. 

Sand got this chalkboard and we had WAYYYY too much fun with it!

LJ took this picture of Gemmie and it's just SO SWEET

G and her bff Little M. two little butts on one little chair!

i babyproofed the bottom two shelves! they used to be filled with exxxtremely dangerous things like wires and porcelain bowls and meth. but now it's SO Gem-friendly. 

baby's first taste of spaghetti. rite of passage!

flying with the girlz. 

her new favorite hobby is sitting on top of Cleo without warning. IT'S SO HILARIOUS OMG.

JJ and Gemsicle

my favorite little snugglebum

i love them

yardwork. hahahahahha. and in case you were wondering, YES, JJ does always pulls weeds while wearing dress socks. 

G and cousin N thoroughly enjoying each other. 


this picture captures Gemma's drama-queen-ness SO WELL.

favorite squishy baby face!

"i'm sorry, Queen Lacie is busy right now. may i take your name and number for a message?"

we gave G an early birthday present because it was too sunny outside not to! also do you see JJ photobombing? also, my Dad and i think G has Jimmy Neutron hair...OMG DOESN'T SHE!?!?

yesterday Gemsie Bear and i went on a walk and when we got home i realized she was missing a sock. then today, after a night of Seattle rain, we went on a walk with our friend Sabs and WE FOUND THE MISSING SOCK! floating in a puddle. also, why is my hand so tan and my pointer finger so white? and one more thing: my chipped fingernail polish is making me so annoyed right now. 

no one ever thought they'd see the day. THAT'S ME AND THE LAWN MOWER

some days we take 2.5 hour morning naps, some days we skip them entirely. keeps mom on her toes. 


hahahah my pretty blonde friends. 

Rah and i drink wine by the litre.

two things: 1. yes, i wear these jeans and those boots everyday. 2. i locked myself out of my house again. just please. so i called the locksmith. but he said it would be "anywhere from $50-$150" and i decided that a new window screen is cheaper than that. so i had to break another screen to get myself in. thank goodness for JJ's irresponsible nature for forgetting to lock the window. i wonder how many people saw the crazy lady breaking into the front window of her own house in broad daylight. 

somebody deposited their pants on my property? i mean. wtf?! i had to check the tag to make sure they weren't JJ's pants. because let's be honest: JJ would totally be the person to leave his pants on the sidewalk. size 38. not JJ's. but they were LINEN. which made me think they were part of a spring wedding suit. which made me think that some guy had a little too much fun at their buddy's wedding reception and ditched his pants out the window on his way home. which made me laugh hahahahaa

very serious. 


  1. Haha! So funny that you took the time to capture the break-in on "film"!

  2. UGH I know what you mean about baby proofing. We had to put all our meth on higher shelves, too, and our machete cabinet totally needs a latch now.

    ALSO HOW DO YOU NOT HAVE A HIDE A KEY BY NOW???!!! Or like one of these:

  3. still laughing at hiding the meth when this girl comes in with Machete cabinet. AHAHAHA!!!


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