Tuesday, April 9, 2013

what's on L's phone?!

hahahaaa dinner at Mom and Dad's house Easter weekend. it's a tie between me and Chase (and my Dad's balding head) for biggest asshat in this picture.  

we went to a baby-friendly dinner party last night (i.e. at 4:30 p.m.) aren't we so mature and grown-up? i didn't even pick my nose in the car on the way over there (you know, didn't want to get boogers in the salad) thanks for hosting, Mel!

did you know that i hate spending money on wrapping paper and cards? i would rather spend the extra $5 on a better gift. so i wrap everything in tissue paper and the same silver curling ribbon i've had for 5 years (i swear that thing is neverending) and a homemade card.

Cleo wedged between bags in the backseat. hahahahah

Gemmie in her Sunday best (don't worry, i moved the chest strap higher before we left the driveway:) 


Gemcake got caught in the chair on her way to get that ball. we stopped to laugh and take a picture before we helped her. we're so rude. 

hello sailor! cutest anchor outfit in the world from Nannie & Bear.

 morning "nap" i'm verrrrrrrrry sad that she is growing out of the morning nap. i need that hour. I NEED IT.  

i mean, are you even surprised that Don Draper's Dong is huge? 

baby friends hangin' out. 

stretching our argyle legs in the sun. Thanks for the fabulous leg warmers KKiss!


  1. Hahahaha! Gemmie and the chair! We'll have to post the pic of Reidy Reid at that age when he got stuck crawling through the Barbie Dream House. And Don Draper's Dong--OMG! He makes me swoon...

  2. where did you get her Sunday best flower?! so cute!

  3. I hated when C grew out of her morning nap! I love those leg warmers :)

  4. I'm never buying a card or wrapping paper again. Why do cards cost $3? It is a piece of paper! Trend setter, I love your idea!

  5. The Don Draper story is appalling! I mean, that it's a STORY, worthy of publication! Hahaha! Love the pic of GemsieBear in the chair.

  6. I am the same way with cards and gift wrapping! It's always cuter with homemade anyway!


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