Friday, May 17, 2013

a little makeover

we needed a new area rug. ours was laden with dog piss and bits of debris that the vacuum couldn't reach. and so i called my friend Sand and we decided to have a momdate at Ikea. now, usually i am between 15-20 minutes late to every momdate. and I REFUSED TO BE LATE YET AGAIN. so i left real early. and pulled into Ikea's blue and yellow gates a full TWENTY MINUTES EARLY. i even beat Sand. basically a GD miracle because Sand is always early/on-time. 

we were supposed to meet at 10. you'll notice the clock reads 9:40. and you'll also notice the telltale blue of Ikea in the background. SO YOU KNOW I REALLY WAS THERE EARLY.

i searched and searched the area rug area (hah! see what i did there?) for a decent one. Gem was less than enthused. 

i could not find one. NOT ONE! and so finally we moved beyond the rugs. but i said to myself, "self. damn you. you came here for a rug and your cart is filled with things that are not rugs." and so i went back to the rugs to look harder. and you know what? i found a black and white polka dotted rug. and immediately i loved it. but then i sighed a sad sigh. because black and white polka dots surely do not go with my shabby chic decor? YOU CAN'T HAVE IT ALL, L! YOU JUST CAN'T! and i was ready to give up all hope and cry tears of disappointment and despair. but then. THEN i had a thought: "shut up L. it is YOUR living room and YOUR house. and you can decorate it however the hell you please." and so i picked up that black and white polka dotted rug with a renewed sense of purpose and i THREW it in the cart. but then Gemmie immediately grabbed at it with her soggy animal-crackered hands. and so i put that one back and picked up a different black and white polka dotted rug and THREW it in the cart. 

and i also bought a black and white striped blanket that i thought would go with the rug and tie it together with the room. and i got home and hauled that old shitty piss rug out of the house and replaced it with the NEW rug. and THIS is how it turned out: 

pretttttty cool. i love the new look. the rug is fabulous. and i adore the blanket. and here is the BEST PART: total cost of rug and blanket: $40. that's forty. dollars. twenty for the rug and twenty for the blanket. I MEAN.

also, that picture above is BEYOND posed. it's clean and fancy and G only has one pretty toy out and OHMYGOD SHUT UP EVEN THE DOG IS LOOKING AT THE CAMERA!

this. THIS is my reality:

it's nap time and i should be cleaning. but i don't even care. don't. even. CARE.


  1. i love it!!! and i love ikea that store is magical

  2. Oh L...I can so relate. My rug has spots of spit up on it that I mop up with a paper towel, but that really isn't effective. It has clipped threads and pieces of yarn from sewing and knitting projects, toys, toys, toys, and dirt all over it too. And I let my kid crawl on it (btw, Gemmsie has the pirate crawl, and Nora uses her head. She puts her forehead on the ground and uses it to scootch forward. Not real bright, that one).

  3. hahahahahahahaha I love this post!!!!! I LOVE YOUR NEW RUG! It really does look soooooo good! My fave is the "reality" picture. So with ya.

  4. Seriously love the posed verses not posed pictures. Cracks me up! Basically how I take every picture, too. Move the mess to the other side of the room and make everything look real pretty for a minute. Hahaha
    Ps. LOVE the new rug!

  5. Wow--that posed picture...impressive!

  6. Ha the after picture is what my living room looks like constantly. AND I LIKE THE RUG.
    I never think to go back and look if I can't see anything the first time, I just get in a strop and have an argument with the fella.


  7. I love the new look! Now I will tell you my funny Ikea story. I never visited the WA Ikea, so I didn't really get how it worked when I moved to AZ and had to go there to buy furniture. You know the little red tags that tell you where to pick up the item in the warehouse? They give you that little pencil to write those locations down, but I didn't know that. My mom and I had no clue, so we just took all the red tags for all the stuff we wanted, and were like "weird, we got the last one again." I bet the Ikea employees loved that.

  8. HA!! Great post and you're right. It's YOUR home- you can do whatever you want. So many people get caught up in decorating "rules". I love that you went for it.


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