Tuesday, May 7, 2013

a most perfect weekend.

my parents came to visit last weekend! which meant JJ and i got a date night on Friday. which was thrilling. we went downtown for sushi and we felt like very cool city people. 

the weekend was beautiful and sunny. and so my parents kick-started our yard makeover. my Dad made me go to the home depot with him. i just haaaaaate the home depot. it's so brutal inside that stupid store. we spent like an hour hunting down all of the needed supplies. part of me thinks i may run into a serial killer in the home depot, just buying some rope and an axe and duct tape. i'm always on high alert in there. 

anyway, so we dug up the ugly plants and bushes and planted hydrangeas and azaleas and rhododendrons and peonies and lilacs! and while we were digging i just felt like we would definitely for sure find the skeleton of a person in my yard. i think maybe i need to take a break from watching Revenge. i watched the whole first season in a week. and last night i couldn't even go to sleep because i was paranoid that the white-haired man was outside in my yard plotting my death. anyway. back to the yard: it's so pretty now! we love it. thanks Mom and Dad! 

Gemma also says thank you for fixing her swing so that it's not dangerously jimmy-rigged to the pergola anymore. 

on Saturday the men went golfing and Nannie, Gemstar and i headed to Bellevue for lunch and a bit of shopping. then we came home and spent the rest of the day outside. Gemmie was thrilled to be naked all afternoon. we don't have a baby pool, so i filled up a mixing bowl with water and some toys. 

that blue boob looking thing is a Plui. and it's so awesome. best bath toy ever!

and this happened:

it really was the perfect day.

on Sunday morning we went to the Space Needle for brunch. 

the crab eggs benedict is TOP NOTCH. and the fresh squeezed grapefruit juiceeeee. i poured my mom's leftover juice in Gemma's empty sippy cup because it's THAT GOOD and i didn't want to leave it behind. 

 JJ took 100 boring landscape pics on my phone from our view at the top.

 and we were all matching, so we got a family shot

 then my parents left and i still get sad every time they leave because i'm such a baby.

THEN it was off for tacos with our friend Big G. and i wore my Mexican party dress. and it was a terrible outfit choice as a nursing mother. Little G could only have access to one boob, unless i decided to take off the whole dress and sit at the taco shop naked. which i didn't. i tried to wrap a blanket around my waist so i could lift the dress up--didn't work. so i tried to shove her under my dress to reach the other side which only made her scream out in frustration. the whole exchange was extremely awkward. and people were all around. damn you, Mexican party dress.

 aside from the Mexican party dress, it was a most perfect weekend.

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  1. Every time I say good-bye to my parents I cry and cry and I'm all sniffly and teary for the whole day. I think it weirds David out because he just high fives his mom and dad and is like, "See you in 8 months."


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