Friday, May 3, 2013

a romantic encounter

yesterday Gemma and i were running errands, as we do. we were dressed quite preppy; me in a navy-and-green-striped dress and Gem in a light blue polo dress with the collar popped, obviously. (side note: i am now addicted to the show Revenge, and along with the vivid nightmare i got from watching 4 episodes in one day, i also garnered yesterday's style inspiration from Nolan).

anyway, we were running errands. and we were at a stop light. and i have this mirror in my car so i can see what the little munchkin is up to while i'm driving. usually it's feeding Cleo animal crackers, but yesterday i heard her giggling--clearly something was thrilling her. she was being very coy, dipping her chin down and smiling and being so adorably cute. i also noticed she was looking out her window. and so i turned around to see what was so great.

and i see THE MOST handsome man in all of Seattle in a fancy black Mercedes smiling right at her. you guys. YOU GUYS SHE WAS FLIRTING WITH A HOT RICH GUY. and he was loving it. he was laughing and talking to her. i almost felt like an intruder on the two of them and their tête-à-tête! i died laughing--ohmyghoddd she is hilarious.

and now i think JJ and i are in trouble with this little gal and her coquettish ways. 


  1. Oh, she's a coquette, all right! Love. Her.

  2. Ah! hahaha SO CUTE! :) You watch out, she's gonna be a heart breaker ;)


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