Tuesday, May 28, 2013

G is one

this little G. my favorite little Gemmaberry. is one. ONE today. i can't even. this post could be all "ohmyghodddd the time has flown by!" and that's what i keep saying to everyone--because it has. and i shudder at the memory of my 30-hour labor followed by surgery. that little Gemstone was a defiant little turd from the beginning. i am so happy to be her mother, so i think i will just say some things about this little Gem that i know to be true:

1. growling in a deep smoker's voice is her favorite sound.
2. the "5 little ducks" song will make her laugh--even in mid-scream.
3. she calls everyone she loves "dada"
4. she one-legged pirate hobbles most everywhere, but has recently started taking her ladybug for walks, after seeing her friend M do it. it's the cutest thing in the world, seeing her spindly little legs wobble as she takes each step.
5. she gives hugs and french kisses upon request.
6. she quacks at every animal (except dogs--she barks at dogs. dogs are her favorite).
7. she knows the signs for "birdie" and "all done"
8. she loves her shoes
9. is coming around to fruit, but still prefers peas. peas peas peas until the day is done. we're all sick of peas (even Cleo spits them out) except for Gemmie.
10. obsessed with her swing. she sobs at the back door all dramatically when it's raining and we can't go for a swing.
11. absolutely detests getting her nails trimmed. also getting dressed.
12. cannot even smile or be generally nice in the morning until she's had her coffee (i.e. morning nursing session)
14. likes to bite to get someone's attention. (JJ and i scream out in surprised pain and punch her say "NO NO NO" and she cries until we say "it's okay" and she gives a hug.
15. chandeliers and toy monkeys and Fleur the bunny and ducks and dogs and BAAAAA (balloons and balls) are her favorite things.

my life is so much more exciting and full of love than i ever imagined. I LOVE YOU MY LITTLE BFF GEMMA JULIANNE!


  1. Happy Birthday Gemma :) She is so cute, hope you had a great day celebrating!

  2. A super Happy Birthday to Gemma! She is just so adorable! Hope you all have a great day :)

  3. She is so pretty! What a happy day!!


  4. #14.... CAN. NOT. STOP. LAUGHING! My favourite part is the strike through text :-) Seriously, your blog is abso-freaking-lutely my new favourite funny mummy blog! Keep up the fab work xx


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