Thursday, May 16, 2013

what's on L's phone?!

Nannie came for a daytrip! 

i got the one-legged pirate hobble in action! pardon that ghastly beast of a shadow OMG L. creep. 

JJ snapped this of the two of us gals sleepin. Cleopatra the Bed Hog. 

Rah got us the pull cart for our blocks! they were being stored in an old Toms shoe bag and it was equal parts gross and annoying. we are totally thrilled--THANKS RAHHHHHHH!

"no. i cannot and will not be in a good mood unless i'm in Cleo's bed."

"and also i don't want to eat the bread. i just want it to be in my mouth." 

Mimi + wine + Cleo = the most perfect trifecta. 

this awkward shot of sister MM and me

the volleyball game when no one wanted me. that's what she said.  

the tampon drawer is her favorite drawer.  

JJ and his lady 


just chillin. 

JJ taking a pee on the side of the road like white trash. 

fancy! (love love love the new app: a beautiful mess) 

Trouble. again with the tampon drawer!?!?! 


  1. so jealous of your joovy i might puke, it's so prettyyyyy!!!! also: tampon drawer, are you back to reg periods ?! (too personal for a blog comment?) i haven't had one in ALMOST TWO YEARS (since i found out i was knocked up). i'm too confused to enjoy i keep buying tampons, thinking, "oh, hmm, haven't had a period in a while, it's probably time to buy somea these guys!" but then i never use them so i'm basically building a 10 year tampon supply.


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