Friday, June 7, 2013

a californian adventure

JJ's brother got married this last weekend and so we embarked on a Californian adventure. it began at 4:30 a.m. on our way to the airport when i opened the container to the cupcake i wanted for breakfast. i pulled it out and all the frosting stuck to the container. and i screamed out angrily and dramatically. i mean COME ON. that is the worst thing that could have happened to me at 4:30 a.m. 

we landed in Burbank. 

and i laughed at JJ and all the pink luggage. 

and then we did what we always do. in n out. duh.

and Gem fell asleep in the car and it was so sweet.

the next day we drove to Beverly Hills to meet up with Moon who recently moved to Santa Monica. Moon's real name is Monica. how unfair that she is Monica in Santa Monica?! so cool. it was fabulous to see her. we miss her.

when we got home, G and Grandma shared a fudgesicle

then there was the ordering of 7 pairs of shoes on Amazon prime, a few costco runs, a broken toe, wine drinking, Gemma snuggles, etc...then it was the day of the rehearsal/dinner! 

Gemma started off the morning with a chat at the pool with her cousin Nora.

hahahahhahaaaaaaaa. anyway. then we ran around like a bunch of idiots trying to get everything done in time. which we did. and JJ forgot pants so we went to target and bought him yellow pants that were $9 and the source of endless jokes all evening. 

i feel the need to explain the people in this photo: JJ, me, JJ's brother Reid, his new wife Laurie, JJ's sister Emily and her husband Scott, JJ's sister Claire, JJ's sister Sarah and her husband Sanjin (pronounced sun-yin)

also purchased at Target: these red velour sunglasses. i mean. I MEAN. obsessed.

then, in typical fashion, Gemstone got pissed right at dinnertime.

THEN IT WAS THE BIG DAYYYYYYYYY. and so while Gemsie napped...

obviously Claire and i started drinking. 

before we knew it--it was time for the wedding!

my nephew Marco, G and me

nephews Marco and Matteo. best picture ever.

cousins Marco, Matteo and Natalie

the best looking best man of all time.

G and me! she was outside for the entirety of the ceremony. being pushed around by Great Uncle Bill. poor, poor Great Uncle Bill. he couldn't even stop the stroller. or look at her. she would just scream. so trusty Great Uncle Bill pushed my baby around in her stroller the whole time. isn't he the sweetest?

Laurie was stunning. Reid looked pretty good too. here is a shot of allllll the Hansen girls:

Laurie and her maids:

then it was time for dinner and dancing. Miss G has a new favorite face she likes to make (that my Mom says makes her look like grumpy cat hahahahahah):

dancing queens

and then JJ's cousin captured my favorite ever photo of us Hansens:

and JJ gave a very nice best man speech.

and Reid and Laurie lived happily ever after!

and we partied and partied and partied and drank too much and i'm not posting any of those pictures because they are appalling. 


  1. Oh the yellow pants! And Uncle Bill pushing the stroller around...and the girls in their swimsuits, and, and, and...such a fun weekend!

  2. I demand to see the hangover pics! You+wine+wedding= massive hangover. (I'm recalling Sarah's as I type)
    ps- love the girls in swimsuits! So fun! :)

  3. I love you for not posting the late night pics, I'm trying to keep a shred or two of dignity! What a fun weekend it was!!

  4. So many fun pictures. It was great to see you guys! Who took the one of you three at the reception-- Laura? It is such a great picture. Hope to see you all again soon!


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