Monday, June 10, 2013


the other day my friend Mel and i took our girls on an adventure to the Seattle Children's Museum. it was a total blast. we put both the carseats in one car (which happened to be a loaner while mine was getting scratches fixed and it was a total old man car) and we were off to explore!

matching carseats for bffs

we arrived and all the girls wanted to do was look at the fish tank. 

we finally got them interested in the water table. until little M figured out how fun it was to step in puddles. MOVING ON!


and little G figured out how fun it is to play with Legos. by the way, i took her out of that Lego drawer like 8 times. GIVEMEALLOFTHELEGOS, she says.

then it was off to the Goldilocks and the Three Bears set. where Papa Bear's chair was the favorite. i captured this shot of Gemma punching her friend. Mel pointed out how there's a sign behind the violence that says "bless our happy home." 

and then we had way too much fun dressing the girls up at the Taco Time exhibit. M was less than impressed but agreed to pose for a picture. G ripped off her sombrero and poncho and threw them on the ground, making a beeline back to the Legos (the thing is, i went to order her some Legos of her own...they're expensive! when did the cost of Legos get up so high?!) 

then we went grocery shopping for plastic fruit. which Gemmie likes better than real fruit.

aaaaaaaaand after a long day chasing the girlies around, Mel and i treated ourselves to Skillet's pie in a bowl. omg so good. 

it was the best day! the girls were so worn out, they fell asleep on the way home. so we parked it in my driveway and chatted about important things like strollers and whole milk until they woke up. which is so much better than being stuck alone in the car waiting for the baby to wake up.

we love you M&M!

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  1. Such a fun day! Lets go back soon. And PS .... Are you these girls nannies? And PPS I have been reading all of these but my damn phone won't let me comment. I finally have a computer in front of me!


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