Tuesday, June 11, 2013

pink party

Gemma's birthday party was a blast! we kept it small and relatively simple. we are so grateful for all of the people who are in Gem's life. she is a lucky girl!

OMG CAAAAAKE! she was thrilled. and puked it up all over herself about an hour later. also, it should be noted that I MADE HER CAKE. with my own hands. from the box. but with homemade frosting. so thrilled with myself!

my parents and sisters arrived Saturday morning and were ready for the party at 3 p.m. the next day. my Dad was like, "wait. you guys. the party is at 11. that's what the invitation says." and sure enough, i'm an absolute idiot who can't even remember the time of her own child's first birthday party. BUT REALLY THOUGH. thank GOD for my Dad. otherwise people would have shown up and i'd have still been in my pajamas. Dad and JJ got to work making the yard look pretty and us girls beautified the house (you know, just obeying gender roles like it's 1950). 

it was a very pink party. PEONIES obviously. we made lots of pink and red foods (thanks Mom and Mimi for helping with the food!) and had strawberry lemonade with champagne and pink La Croix for drinks and pink sugar cookies for dessert. 

we pinkified the house for the day:

and i made this tissue paper garland while watching a few episodes of Revenge using this tutorial. it was so fun to do! YOU GUYS ONE PIECE OF TISSUE PAPER MAKES 4 TASSELS. i'm so in love with it that i don't want to take it down. i want to make one giant one to string around the entire house. 

our friend Milker went and bought a keyboard and lesson books and learned to play "happy birthday" on the piano for Gemmie and his own nephew who also just turned 1. that is true dedication right there. we were very impressed!

 Gemmaberry's little self is so cute in this one.

pasta roma for the baby. 
(the pasta roma was a last-minute addition to the menu...it's an old Hansen fave. we literally have it for every single special event and holiday. and it's equal parts fucking delicious and hugely fattening. HERE is the recipe if you want to make it! also, that really is JJ's Mom in the photo. and it's her recipe!)

look at all the mayhem going on in this picture hahahaaa:

Gemmie got a Lollacup (omg this cup is the SHIT) from her friend Little M, but is still only interested in the one that actually belongs to Little M:

(LOL at all the stains on her dress. hahahahaaa)

Gemma sees cake for the first time and is pleased as punch:

family photo! so glad JJ decided to wear real shoes to the party. #slippersforlife. all Miss G cares about is the cake. 

sweet Gemmie. also, she got that bruise while romping around with her pal Little M. they ran into each other and both hit the floor. it was sad and cute and funny all at the same time. #babyproblems

these dollar store balloons were a hit! we had them for my sister CA's bachelorette party too. they're the cutest balloons ever. 

(and two days later are still just as exciting. Gemsie crawls around the house yelling "BAAAAAAAAA" alllllllll day).

and after everyone went home, we had to take a picture in front of the adorable happy birthday gemma banner than JJ's sister made. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. 

it was really the most perfect day. thank you thank you thank you everybody for coming! and thank you for loving our little Gem. xo


  1. Happy birthday, Gemsicle! Love you to pieces, and thank you for teaching your cousin how to talk in an old lady smoker's voice and yell "quack quack quack" every time we sing the duckie song! So glad the banner was a hit. I kind of love it too...I need to make one for our house! :)

  2. she is just perfection!


  3. Love that Anne's pasta roma is famous!!

    Milker. LOL.

  4. Everything is so perfect and glamorous and you have the cutest little family. Also, can you decorate my house? Thanks.

  5. Such a cute party! I love your shirt! Where is it from? Reminds me of the ruffle shirt that led me to your blog via Pinterest

  6. Love it. And THAT banner!!!!!!! I would use it every year!! Your sis in law should sell them. Happy birthday baby Gemma!

  7. Oh my gosh love everything about the decorations! Please decorate my house :) Happy birthday to Gemma!

  8. I love it all - so sweet & girly. :) also, are you ready for another round of "where'd you get that RUFFLE SHIRT?" and going viral on the interwebs? Brace yourself. ;)

  9. I love that she loves the LollaCup! And I'm really sad we pissed the piano playing. Happy Birthday Sweet Gem! And sorry you had to celebrate with a little bump on your head :( My damn wood floor!

  10. Gorgeous party!! seriously, I would die of happiness if I could ever organize a party as cute! and happy happy birthday to Gemma!


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