Wednesday, June 12, 2013

what's on L's phone?!

waiting for Sand to arrive for G's cake smash photo session. 

this is the second cake i made in 3 days. also it's the second cake Gemma has ingested in 3 days. she quite likes having cake for lunch. anyway, i had to drive a full 30 minutes while holding this cake in one hand while manning the steering wheel with the other. during this time i received 3 phone calls and G had a tantrum and threw her sippy cup full of milk on the seat and it leaked everywhere and so Cleo partially cleaned it up but i used a baby wipe for the rest. YOU GUYS THIS IS ALL HAPPENING WHILE DRIVING. effing circus. 

antiquing with Gemsie! 



Lola thinks Gemma's teepee is her teepee.  

we love it when Daddy spends his lunch break with us at the beach 

hahahahahahaaaa ohhhh Gemmie.  

now that she's one, she sits in her chair and reads Goodnight Gorilla. she's practically an adult. 

a day in the life. 


  1. I'm just reading your latest post, as always, and I totally did I double take when I saw cute Gemma's pink headband in the first pic! Didn't realize we had done business! Had to go back and look if I sold to a "Lacie". Sure enough! :) She looks so darling in it, and is completely adorable always.
    Thanks, girl!

    1. we LOVE that bow. you've got mad headband-making skillz!

    2. L, didn't we borrow one of those headbands once for N2? I think it was gold. SO cute!

  2. Clean your house...gawd!

  3. Love the picture of Gemma "mad." Hilarious!

  4. all of these are so great. That one outside my building- classic. "mad"- a total Gem. Lola in the teepee with the Puss in Boots eyes and Gem reading- I mean just give her the keys. love them all.


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