Friday, July 5, 2013


isn't that Katy Perry song the best? i sang it all day until JJ yelled at me to shut up. rude. this year we were your typical all-American family...we took the baby to a parade with our friends! then we came home and hung out in the backyard with country music. and also JJ ate two hotdogs.

pretty little baby foot. 

 friends at the parade! oh that's weird, Gemma is mad. 

sweet C 


a cake pop for lunch. OG status. 

and when she was done, she climbed onto M's stroller to steal her lunch. 


watching with Dad. 

i stole this one from my friend Mel. there were literally 800 shots and this was the only half-decent one. it's an absolute shitshow trying to organize three adults and three babies for a picture.

my friend Big G found this suit for Little G. it's the CUTEST. little American lady. 

there wasn't any actual eating of this pear (since it's fruit, you know) but she insisted on holding it. when she finally did take a bite, it was of the stem.  

Foxy Cleopatra having a laugh.

this face. 

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  1. Just look at my stinky face and scraggly hair in the back of your cute photo. Sick. ..... Oh and next year...Kid Parade participants!


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