Wednesday, July 31, 2013

chelanigans 2013

we went to Lake Chelan again this year for the Chelan Man weekend (read about last year here...omg G is such a tiny little bean!) my sisters all did a triathlon (my Mom couldn't this year because she busted her shoulder. don't i sound like a hick when i use the term "busted?") and JJ did the half marathon again. it marked his one year journey of being a runner--the half marathon that he decided to run on a whim last year was his first ever race!

anyway, here are some pictures from our weekend:

my sister CA all geared up in her sexxxy wetsuit for her triathlon. LOLOLLL she's going to kill me for this pic. 

Gemster & Cleo at the lake. 


sister MM spending the beautiful sunny day in the hotel bed reading. #nerd 


JJ won first place in his age division again! funny story though...when the awards were being announced, JJ heard the second place winner's time and got really excited because he was faster than that person. only to find out that his name wasn't called. he was very disgruntled since he knew he had won. we did some investigating and while doing so, the announcer said, "and first place in the age 55-59 male category is Jeremy Houser!" kahjdfhahahhahahahahahahaaaaaaaa the race people couldn't read JJ's handwriting. and thought his last name was Houser instead of Hansen and that he was 57 instead of 27. ahhahahahahaaaa. i laughed and i laughed and i laughed. only JJ didn't think it was funny. nope, not funny at all. he stormed away dramatically and said he didn't want the "old man medal." so my Mom and i spoke with the race officials and got everything all straightened out. except that poor fellow who thought he'd won first place had to have his medal taken away from him so JJ could have it. the moral of the story is to just let L fill out your race form, JJ.  ghodddd

post-race (and post-award-catastrophe) happiness 

 sister M the triathlete & JJ

sisters MM & CA the triathletes

hangin by the lake with the fam. 

sister CA & Gemsie Bear. 

Nannie taking crazy selfies at the park. 

i told the family that maybe JUST MAYBE i'll do the tiny beginner's triathlon next year...i feel like i can do it. 

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  1. OK. First, that picture is Jer running is every reason I shall never be a runner. Second, I am feeling as if there might be a slight handwriting issue here. Please tell me you will be the one helping Gem with homework! {oh and CONGRATS Jer!} And lastly, I don't know your fam but I'm a creep and this just makes me want to hang with them!


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