Friday, July 26, 2013


this morning i am grumpy. and whenever i am grumpy, JJ calls me grumplestiltskins.

so things are just kinda WHATEVER around here. as i type this, Gemma's eating a piece of bread in my bed. she's also sitting on JJ's side so he's gonna be real pissed when he gets into bed tonight and there's a shitload of crumbs all up in his face. also we are watching the Today show and she keeps smiling and flirting and waving at Edward Snowden's dad and i just really do not understand. also George was our baby boy name. and William and Kate stole it. and now there will be 100 Georges running around because people love to copy William and Kate.

and let us continue down this path of crankiness by discussing the number of things that are broken right now in the Hansen house:

  • the blinds. Cleo went apeshit on the blinds. and i hate her. we have been meaning to get fauxwood blinds so i guess this is a good excuse to actually get them, but seriously dog, WTF is wrong with you?

  • my heart. because we lost MY FAVORITE EVER HEADBAND of Gemma's downtown. and it was from last summer at the Gap so it's gone and lost forever. i checked on ebay and i scoured the internets for someone who has it and wants to sell it. but i came up empty. and i know that is the nature of baby things. you know, sometimes they just get lost. but the fact that i can't replace it is making me REALLY SAD. (it was this one:)

  • my old old black beauty macbook. it has decided not to work anymore. i need a new computer but i am sad that black beauty is dying. she has been hanging around since my senior year of college and i just really love her. also i very much don't want to drop a grand on a new one. 
  • the air mattress. after 5 years of providing trusty nighttime support to all of our family and friends in Spokane and Rancho Cucamongross and Seattle, it decided to deflate while JJ's sister was using it during her visit this week. and it's not recyclable (i called and asked) so it's going to take up all the room in our stupidly small garbage can.
so that's the end of my grumpy post. and as i read it back to myself, i realize: THAT THESE ARE STUPID THINGS. all of them. stupid, stupid things to be mad about. perspective, L. perspective. so i'm going to go have a granola bar and get over it. peace out.


  1. You are not alone. There is something in the water today or mercury is in retrograde or the apocalypse is beginning. I don't know what the hell is going on but everyone i know is cranky today. I hope it helps to know that I want to run people over with my car today too.

  2. i bet that deflating did wonders for Auntie C's self-esteem, huh? Tee hee hee....

  3. third world problems. I hear ya tho- when the terrier pissed me off this morning I actually said--outloud mind you, " this is why Asian people eat dogs"- OMG, I'M THE WORST DOG OWNER EVER. I still feel guilty. time for another americano?!!!

  4. is it wrong that your grumpilstiltskin post makes me laugh? (esp. your blinds--dang dogz) :)


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