Wednesday, July 10, 2013


today...i have to get around to ordering JJ a new wedding ring. just please. he lost his in Lake Coeur d'Alene because he's skinny now and it fell off. and i really don't like that he's waltzing around town in all of his manly glory for all the ladies to see. this will be his third. HIS THIRD WEDDING RING. he was all "i think i want a new design this time around." hah. sorry buddy. not happening. you'll get the same one. over and over until you stop losing them or stops selling them for $42.99. whichever comes first. but really though, i should start buying in bulk. at least then i could get the free shipping.

ANYWAY, more important than missing wedding rings is:

Gemma took her first steps yesterday! 4 of them. on her own! and i don't even think she meant to do it. (my sister CA thinks it's the shoes. she got them for Gemma for her birthday and yesterday was her first time wearing them). we went to our friends house to give their puppy some fresh water. G was just standing there munching quietly on a piece of naan (WHICH IS NOW SOLD AT TARGET BY THE WAY OMG) and taking sips from her water while watching me fill up the pool for the pup. then she saw the puppy jump into the pool and she was all "OMG GET ME SOME OF DAT" and walked right over to them. I WAS LIKE GEMMMMMMAAAAAA YOU WALKEDDDDD! YOU WALKED!!!! OHMYGOD DO IT AGAINNNNNNN! and of course she didn't. so typical. she will not do it when prompted or bribed. she'll only do it when she feels like it.

BUT THE POINT IS THAT SHE IS NO LONGER A BABY. OFFICIALLY AND TRULY NO LONGER A BABY. she walks and drinks cow's milk and wears shirts with scubadiving koala bears on them like a real, live adult human.


  1. 1. We both posted about walking today, TWINS! also Gem and Joon walked on like the same day, so they're MFEO. (EDIT: Just read your comment on my post! I KNOW!!)
    3. Just have JJ get a L tattoo on his ring finger. Done. Also Dave has 3 different wedding rings. He hasn't lost any of them, he just likes switching them out. One of them is gold with a black stone and diamonds and he is 75 years old practically.
    4. THAT PUPPY. I would take my first steps toward that puppy, too, he is DARLING!!!

  2. Yay Gemma!! Your friends sound like hillbillies who don't water their dog or their lawn!

  3. Or (if you lived in Alaska) you could say she became a real life adult as soon as she started wearing sleeping pants in public! :D


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