Wednesday, July 3, 2013

what's going on in L's LIFE?!

we just got back from a long ass trip across the northwest. our schedule was as follows: Seattle to Selah to Sunriver to Selah to Pasco to Spokane to Seattle. and so instead of creating 800 posts of our adventures, i'm putting it all in this one. ALL of the adventures (some before the trip, some during, some after) in this one post. go grab a beer if you haven't already. it's a long one.

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here goes!

Sand and baby I came over one night. and this was her post on Instagram. i died laughing. doesn't this make me look absolutely CRAZY? whatevs. i totally am.  

she crawled into this basket all on her own.  

M and G are the kind of friends who love each other but are always fighting. over toys. over Lollacups. over snacks. over dog kisses. etc. 

 this was JJ's father's day present! a shelf for his running awards.

right before we left on our long trip, i emptied out the diaper bag for the last time. back to Louis! bittersweet. 

climbing stairs like a G with her Jimmy Neutron hair. 


JJ and his little lady on father's day. 

that's my crazy Dad. i posted this pic on Instagram on father's day. the song we danced to at my wedding was Zippity Doo Dah. because that's the song that plays on Splash Mountain in Disneyland. and ain't nobody love D Land more than my pops and me.   

(sisterM is missing) 

"ok. calm down. get a damn hotdog."
"i'm going to EAT it RIGHT NOW."
and so he did. right in the QFC parking lot.  

so i was at my parents house watching some important basketball game with my Mom and Dad. i know that it was important because my Dad wouldn't let me change the channel to watch jeopardy. i was busy pouting when i heard a chirping noise. i said, "do you guys hear that?" and my Mom said, "it sounds like the sneakers on the basketball court on TV." and then i heard it again. and i said, "NO WAY DUDE. THAT'S A BIRD!" and so my Mom looked in the fireplace. no bird. we listened closer. "ohmygodddddd! it's coming from under the couch!" and so i looked. and there was a little baby bird. under the couch you guys! i said, "MOM GET ME A HAT!" and my Dad said, "NOT ONE OF MY HATS!" and my Mom brought me one of my Dad's hats. i coaxed the little guy into the hat and took him outside. my Dad dramatically shouted, "I'M TIRED OF LIVING IN THIS ANIMAL KINGDOM" (he said this because my parents' cat Lewis, who is a clawless, toothless cat, catches all sorts of animals [i.e. bunnies and mice and birds] and brings them half dead to the doorstep. it's really quite traumatizing. and we think it was Lewis who broke the bird's wing and brought him into the house). anyway, my Mom said, "go set it free outside." but i couldn't. because its wing was all janky. and my heart was broken. and i was afraid Lewis would just come outside and catch it again. so i called the animal hospital, who put me in touch with a bird specialist who said the bird looked like a baby pheasant. and that i should put it in a box overnight and check on him in the morning. so i did. and in the morning, the box was full of bird poop and the little bird's wing seemed just fine! when i opened the box a little wider to show JJ The Good News, the little bird leapt out and onto JJ, who spilled his entire mug of coffee all over his lap (and who gave me a glare filled with hatred), and then it ran away. it just ran away from me. and i couldn't find it after that. and so i guess it is a happy ending for the little bird. even though i wanted it to come and live in my backyard and be best friends with my baby. some things just aren't meant to be. 

JJ and Gemsie and me. and all of the crap. 
also, my hand looks like a cat paw all curled up like that. 

two of JJ's sisters, his parents and me. at a wedding in Sunriver! 

the venue was the same place my sister M got married. so i sent her this pic.  

love these two! congrats K&J! 

canoeing with JJ's sister and our two nephews. all three of them are LA city folk. and let me tell you: there aren't many situations wherein which i am the most outdoorsy of them all. i felt pretty BA having been on this canoe trip before in my youth. anyway, halfway through. we saw a big hairy beaver (that's what she said) no but really we did. it swam right at us at an alarming speed.
that's it.
that's the climax of the story.
nothing happened after that.
it just swam by us.
i guess i was just surprised that i could be so scared by a beaver
(THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID. ok i'm done now). 

it rained like crazy on our last day in Sunriver. and we had no jacket for the baby. so we wrapped her in Grandma's pashmina. and my friend Ali saw this picture and said, "that looks like a bacon costume" nobutreallyitdoes 

JJ and i were twinning. it had to be documented. 

we went whitewater rafting. i've been on this exact whitewater rafting trip many a time before (you see, my family had a house in Sunriver, so basically i grew up there. it really is a wonderful place. you should go if you haven't been before), but never in my life have i gotten so wet. usually it's like a sprinkle here and a splash there and oh teehee this is so fun. WELL THIS TIME the first wave knocked me over completely and i fell into the boat. i decided that i didn't want to get back up, so i stayed safe next to the 6-year-old. also, i'm so dumb. because i was on my period and decided to wear a pad for extra protection because, you know, you can't just change your tampon on a raft. well, after that first wave, the pad exploded. i'm talking five hundred times its original size. i was basically wearing an enormous diaper. that first wave also knocked the spare tampon i had JJ place in his pocket for safe keeping out of the boat and onto the river. and so that spare tampon in the hot pink packaging was just floating around like it belonged there. and the guide had to STEER OUR BOAT closer to the tampon so he could PICK IT UP OUT OF THE WATER WITH HIS BARE HANDS and hand it back to me. i mean SO. EMBARR. i bet that was a first for him. and when the trip ended, i waddled off the boat and had to take off the giant diaper pad and throw it away in the garbage can on the bus that took us back. C'MON L. 

Gemma sipping the last of my morning coffee. 

my Dad and i took Gemma to the Mongolian Grill for the first time. 

 and i think that it is safe to say that the Mongolian Grill is Gemma's new favorite place to eat. in. the. entire. WORLD. 

she slurped those noodles RIGHT DOWN. and my Dad and i could not stop laughing. she was so hilarious. and for the first time in my life, i went back for SECONDS at the Mongolian Grill so that i could satiate the hunger of my manchild beast. 

we had lots of playdates during our trip. the first was with my oldest friend in the world's little J! he and Gemma raided my parents' pantry and carried a jar of sprinkles and a can of cat food around with them for the afternoon. they were quite the mischievous pair. 

and THIS HILARITY. little J went in for a kiss. and Gemma the Prude straight up denied him. 

 my friend Nel (who i used to get into all sorts of trouble with in Rancho Cucamongross) had a baby! we met him for the first time last week and he and Gemma were instant pals. for old times sake, Nel and i had Taco Bell for lunch. although we didn't drink any wine (that was a first).

my friend Kel brought the littlest of her three sons over for a morning playdate. he and Gemma are so close in age, it was fun watching them play. he is soooo cute and so happy and so lovable.

G and i met up with my high school friend A and her three little girls (only managed to snap a picture of one of the cuties!) at the park for a quick catch-up sesh while the little ones swapped sippy cups and snacks and old gatorade lids found on the playground.  

 NOPE THIS PIC IS NOT IN GREYSCALE. it's just a grey cat sitting under a grey chair on a grey deck. ohhhhhh Chanel!

sometimes Gemmalonian wakes up on the wrong side of the bed. this was one of those times. so i took a pic and snapchatted it to everyone. also her little bracelet we bought at the flea market in Hawaii needs to be cut off so bad. it's so brown and so dirty and so gross. but i don't know how to make another one, so i don't wannnnnnt to cut it offffff!

 Nel bought Gemmie these pants for her birthday. i mean. you have never seen anything cuter than THESE PANTS. her little pirate booty walking Lady around--i could cry it's so sweet.

JJ thinks he looks like a woman in this picture. it's him playing ball at hoopfest in Spokane. our good friends Rah and Nebular hosted us and our other friend PLou (we all met each other at Gonzaga) and we had a lovely little trip in our old favorite town. and here is something terrible: we went boating the day before and didn't take ONE PICTURE of G in her swimsuit and lifejacket. it's a damn shame (also a damn shame: i left a bit of whole milk in a thermos on their boat. isn't that so awful of me? also, also a damn shame: Cleo barfed all over their house. aren't we the worst house guests? who wants to have us over next?! I'M SO SORRY RAH AND NEBULARRRR!) anyway, the boys didn't play their best in hoopfest, but they had fun. and Rah, Gemma and i were on our OWN hoopfest team.   

Team Drink. we got Shandy and Bud Light Lime-a-Ritas (which are so barfingly disgusting by the way. STICK WITH THE ORIGINAL). OMG SHANDY! SHANDY ALL THE WAY! IT'S SO GOOD! what? you don't know what Shandy is? I'LL TELL YOU! because i myself only learned about it last weekend. it is half beer, half lemonade. I MEAN. have you ever heard of anything more deliciously perfect in all of your life?!

Lady was so clutch on this long ass road trip we took. Gemstone walked her anywhere and everywhere. definitely one of our top five favorite toys ever. 

this is Dee. remember Dee? she got to meet my little Miss G for the first time on sunday. she was so happy to finally hold her. and she even had a gift for Gemmie! a duck that sings and dances when you press its foot and Gemma adores it. so happy we were able to have some coffee and time with my lovely friend. 

we also went to the Gonzaga store to get a license plate holder for my car. Gems saw the stuffed animal bin and leaned over into it and gave them all loves. it was so sweet. we were all "awwwww SO CUTE. such a little sweetheart she is. let's get her a Gonzaga bear." and then we were like "WTF?! $17?! no. let's not." 

but i got a new t-shirt that i changed into halfway through our trip back home after i spilled pita pit all over myself. 

we had so much fun on our adventure! we loved seeing everyone! now we are home and boring and eating stale Ritz crackers and tap water because we haven't been grocery shopping since the first generation iPod came out. 

there. i think now you're all caught up. 


  1. Where did those Pirate pants come from!? So cute! I'm on the hunt for some Monster ones

    1. pirate pants were a gift! they're made by babylegs

  2. The dress you wore to the wedding in Sunriver is adorable and fabulous! I must know where you got it from!? Love the sweater too!

    1. thanks so much! dress from h&m. sweater from old navy.

  3. i was wondering where your posts went! welcome back!

  4. Just found your blog. Hilarious. And I love your lil cutie! :)

  5. My kids are so classy with their Gatorade lids. I can't wait until you come back so we can sit and talk without me having to constantly save one of my children's lives, run to a bathroom that's a mile away, or finish an actual whole story. When? WHEN?!?

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