Tuesday, July 9, 2013

what's on L's phone?!

this annoying ass balloon came EVERYWHERE with us that day. Gemma insisted.

what is better than weather so perfect that all a baby needs is a onesie, shoes and a flower crown?!?!

KKiss got a puppy! his name is Wilson (after Seahawk Russel Wilson, NOT Tom Hanks' volleyball in Castaway) and so obviously i had to create a Seahawk-themed puppy basket for the little fella. 

and there he isssss! isn't he the cutest? he broke his toes, poor little guy. he is in touch with his feminine side with the pink camo cast. Cleo can't wait to hump meet him.

 Sand, Baby I and Cleo (and according to JJ, the star of the picture is the flower basket. he's so proud of its growth).

sitting on the toilet and i was greeted by this.  

tiny dog. 
(in a Thundershirt. I THINK IT ACTUALLY WORKS!) 

Gemmie's favorite place to be is the beach. also, would you look at that terrifying shark? she picked it out herself at the toy store. screamed when it was taken away from her so we could pay. she loves the damn thing, but personally i think it's so scary. it always has a mean look on its face.  

kisses for Daddy 

beach lady. 

JJ and i played this game at the beach where we had to hit a log with rocks. the first person to get 10 hits was the winner. AND I WON! I ACTUALLY WON! so athletic! 

sharing a Chipotle bowl with this nugget 

Big G and Jewels came for a visit with Little G and me.  

Cleo is always in places where she doesn't belong. SHE IS VERY VERY SNEAKY. 

we had a baby shower for our lovely friend Sam and her baby girl, due in October. it was so fun to spoil her for the day. (note our friend in the background creepin' hahahhaah)

 pedi for the preggie! (and all of her friends)

champagne in the nail salon is how we roll (water for the lil mama)

ON THE ROAD AGAIN! just can't wait to get on the road again! 


  1. Are my eyes closed in every group shot from Saturday?! I think so! I lose.

    Love you!

  2. I have to say that Jer is so right. That hanging pot is amazing. Mine are deader then a doornail {whatever that really means}. So hats off to ya' Jer!

  3. JJ tossing rocks on the beach.....such concentration!

  4. just stop. That potted flower totally stole our shot (begrudgingly: JJ is right. sad face)


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