Monday, August 5, 2013

a few of our favorite things


i tell people all the time that i'm SO GLAD i didn't know JF (Gemma) was a girl because i think i would have gone insane with the fun girlie pink things. that being said, i'm picky about the pinks. only certain things are allowed to be pink. and only certain shades are allowed in the house. so here are the things that passed my pink test! (also, mothers of boys or mothers who hate pink: all these things come in either blue or neutrals!)

Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Soothe and Glow Seahorse: this thing comes everywhere with us. it plays the most lovely quiet music and soft water sounds. we've had it since Gemmie was very little. it indicates that it's time to go to sleep--and now that she's older, she gets a complete thrill out of pushing its belly to turn it on.

MegaBloks First Builders: when we went to the children's museum a couple months ago, G couldn't get enough of the giant Legos available to play with. so now we have Legos of our own. they are total faves around here. 

Little Tikes 2-in-1Snug 'n Secure Swing: Gemma stands at the back door, pounding against the glass, begging to go for a swing. she adores it. and we love that it's right in the backyard to use anytime we please.

UB2 Urban Baby Bonnet: i found this hat on sale at a boutique in Bellevue and it's SO GREAT. Gemmie looks like a little pilgrim while wearing it (all of my family members think it's stupid looking BUT I THINK IT'S ADORBS). babies can wear it all the way unfolded so it shades their whole face from the noonday sun, or folded back. it has snap enclosures which are necessary with my child because she rips all the velcro closure hats right off. she has seriously worn this hat every single day since i got it. so perfect for our jaunts to the beach.

the Lollacup: this was a birthday gift from Gemcake's friend Little M...her mother got it for us after Gem continuously stole Little M's right out of her hands. so rude (and we now have one in red--thanks Rah!) and i know i've said it before, but i'll say it again: THIS CUP IS THE SHIT. THE. SHIT. it was a Shark Tank winner which is beyond thrilling. the bottom of the straw is weighted so it follows the liquid inside the cup. so babies can drink from it laying down or sitting up. also it's so effing cute. it's Gemma's favorite, we always have one at home and one on-the-go. if you have a baby who is trying to transition from bottle to sippy cup, you must must MUST get one of these. 

Little Giraffe Satin Nap Pillow: when Gemmalonian and i went to Hawaii together and shared a bed the entire time we were there, i had the worst sleep of my life she would scoot up to me in the night and lay her head on my pillow. it was so sweet. she got quite used to having something fluffy under her head, the lucky little turd. so i thought it would be nice if she had a pillow for her crib. a regular, adult sized pillow was just too big, so i went hunting for a baby-sized one. this one is the CUTEST! it's so tiny and soft and very well made. 

Schoenhut 25-Key My First Piano: we got this for Gemmie's first birthday. and she loves to pound away on the thing. it's kiiiiiind of annoying, but less annoying than some of her other toys that sing and make me want to cut my ears off. plus, since our house is very small, i'm kind of into toys that actually look nice when they're peeking out from their designated spots in our living room. and this piano really is the most charming little toy.

Aden + Anais Cozy Sleeping Bag: i know this is the third sleep item i've discussed, but i'm a firm believer in making Gemstone's bedtime surroundings exactly the same every night, no matter where we are. when we dropped the swaddle (but not the actual swaddling blankets--Gem absolutely adores these blankets. she still sleeps with one every single night. A+A basically just rocks), it just seemed cruel to put her in the crib without a warm, fluffy blanket for comfort. like no, i don't want to just sleep on a flatsheet, and i don't want my baby to either! plus our house is always COLD! always. so we get the Cozy Sleeping Bags because they are 4 layers for extra warmth (these sleeping bags also come in single layers for warmer nights).

Make My Day Bib: functional AND adorable. i first saw this bib featured in Vogue, and Vogue ain't just putting any ol' baby product on it's precious, glossy pages. the necklace detail (and bow ties on the boy versions) just kills me. so fancy! the little lip on the bottom is perfect for catching the runaway pieces of food that escape Gemma's jaws. and when she's done eating, she eats everything in the lip. so handy. it wipes clean and is basically the greatest.

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  1. Aiden & Anais is going crazy with sales after the royal prince, George, was revealed swaddled in an adorable A&A swaddling blanket when he left the hospital. Sales have increased 2000% !!


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