Thursday, August 1, 2013

what's on L's phone?!

JJ's sister came to visit! so we took her downtown for fish n chips...

 a few day beers...

and some beach trips... 

 which obviously included wine.

omg. please look at my arm next to my belly. two VERY different shades of skin. my belly is blindingly white. hahahahahhaaa

 hhahaha look at that mess of the car.

G's "smell the flowers" face. 

except lately she hasn't been so sweet. in the words of my mother "she kind of likes to hurt people." her favorite ways to harm her loved ones: pinching, slapping, biting and lastly, ramming Lady into the shins of anyone and everyone, waiting for the victim to shout SONOFABITCHOUCHHHHH and laughing maniacally. she doesn't really respond to "NO NO NO" anymore, so i think we have a real problem on our hands.

but she is still such a good snuggler! 

baby's first sucker. 

i traded in my usual black nails for pink and sparkles in honor of my grandma. 

baby on a big slide 

J Bone & me. 

i picked all of those blueberries myself! and ate about 4,000 in the process. i had a real bad tummy ache.  

sister M blueberry picking. 

eating lunch at Nannie & Bear's with one leg on the table. good manners.   

Gem loved the cows on my aunt's farm. moooooooooo! but seriously though, that momcow's nipples look exactly like mine.  

Gemsie Bear & Bear Bear 

G & Nannie at the park. 

Lola (or as Gem says "Low-Low") 

this is mine and my sisters' brick at the park :)

Gemmaberry & her pal Little M driving cars at Playdate Cafe

where one can have lunch and coffee (a "Babycino" for the littles: steamed milk with a touch of vanilla) and watch the kiddies play. loveeeeee this place! it's going to be perf for the dreary Seattle winters.

matching stripes for Mama & Baby. i really like matching with Gem. a lot.  

she knows the word "popsicle" now. she'll be having a full-on meltdown, but when she hears that word, she immediately stops crying and does the sign for "please" and shouts "peees pees pees!" 

all of her right shoes are dirtier than her lefts. because of the pirate crawl.  

late-night summertime fave in the Hansen House: PHASE10 IN BED OHYEAHHHH. 

this child.  

JJ and i celebrated 4 years of marriage! year 4 is silk. so obviously i bought us matching silk pajamas (pronounced "pah-jah-mahs" because it's the fancy way to say it) --well actually satin pajamas because silk is too expensive. but that's neither here nor there. 

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