Tuesday, August 13, 2013

what's on L's phone?!

breakfast! eggs and blackberries (picked in our driveway!!) and she's eating with a spork. such a grown-up. 

these two pals on the beach. 

she looks so much like JJ here. twinzzzzz. 

beach day with Sandi & Isla 

2 little girls enjoying the sun and sand. 

she walked over there to take a poop. only i could smell it from where i was sitting. #foolingnoone 

my Dad asked me to take his car back to Seattle to the dealership to be serviced. i complained because his car is a huge beast. only now i've gotten used to it. it's like an effing PRIVATE JET. it's such a smooth ride. AND HE HAS SIRIUS RADIO!! ummm HELLO Cocks with P. and Dr. Laura. now i don't want to give his car back. it's fancy. anyway, we took his car to be serviced and all of the people wearing suits, sitting in leather recliners simultaneously watching CNN and making business calls looked at us like we were clowns. which we kind of were. a woman, her vocal child and a dog. just hanging out in the Lexus dealership. we did not belong. they were practically shouting as us "GET OUT OF HERE PEASANTS."

this one's growing molars. one of them was real bloody when it was coming in. and growing molars is wayyyy worse than growing front teeth. poor little gal. she's been having trouble going to sleep. twice last week she got to get out of bed and hang out with Mom & Dad until 9 p.m. 

are you guys sick of my beach pics yet?! SORRY I'M NOT SORRY. #summerforeverbitches 

my bff 

you guys. i was climbing into bed when this GIANT ASS SPIDER caught my eye. ohhhh emmmmm geeeee. i screamed. I SCREAMED. it practically tried to eat me. for 10 minutes JJ and i argued over whose job it was to kill it (he said since it was on my side, it was my job. i said he is the man and it's his job). i was the one who took the wad of toilet paper and smashed him. but then i was afraid to lift up my hand. just in case i didn't really smash him and he ran away into the deep dusty depths of my under-the-bed region only to terrify me at a later date. so after another 5 minutes of holding the toilet paper over the spider, i convinced JJ that i had done the hard part and that he had to finish the job. we are a coupla pansies. anyway, it was dead. we flushed it once and for all. then we had a really hard time falling to sleep that night. all we kept picturing was that spider. that. effing. spider. 

we went to the park in pajamas! and then Gemmie fell and hit her chin and bit her tongue and there was blood everywhere. dramatic is how we do things around here. 

holding hands at ikea with her buddy. so sweet. 



playing in a basket with her animal friends. 

the water frogs at U Village. they got JJ in the butt and i laughed at him. then they got me in the butt and he laughed at me. and obviously they got Gemma in the butt. so we all looked like we peed our pants. sneaky assholes, those frogs.  

 glassy babies and the pink Jane Austen book set! birthday presents from my Mom & Dad. THANKS MOM AND DAD LOVE YAAAAA 



  1. I am thoroughly jealous of both your glass babies AND your pink Jane Austin book set. Uber, uber jealous. Also, I love sweet Gemma's smile.

  2. That spider is mother f'ing GIANT. I would have pooped myself, then taken a shower, and then slept on the couch. Or, maybe trapped it under a glass. Pretty much anything but touch it. You are so brave.

  3. #"Get out of here Peasants"

  4. Gem is just too much in that hat and ruffle pink swimsuit. When she grows out of it, can I have her hand-me-downs??? XOXO

  5. Oh, you and JJ and your spider-terror...so comical!
    #Raise the Roof. LOL

  6. Completely unrelated to this post - You NEED to make this http://www.pinkpistachio.com/diy-skull-tee/

    You're welcome.


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