Tuesday, August 6, 2013

what's on L's phone?!

these magnets are a hit. she carries them all over the house, puts them in Cleo's water dish and chews on them.  

JJ giving me a snuggleeeeeee 

we had a beach day with our friends Mel and Little M. here you can see the girls fighting over the water bottle. these two and their strong personalities. 

little old ladies by the sea. 

lookin good, L. lookin good. 

Gemmie and her open-mouthed kisses! 

i got my very first Glassybaby! and i'm so thrilled. i naturally tend to gravitate towards light pink. and this was the first one i picked up. and the color name?! "lace" !!! obviously it was meant to be! 

 my friend Big G took this pic of us three gals. 
just hanging out on a stump with her shark.  

that's baby me (and my dad's striped sweater and my mom's acid wash jeans lolollllll)! at 14 months. the same age Gemma is now. and look! we have the same shoes!  

sometimes...........she can be really great. sometimes.

on our last car trip, Gemma ripped up an entire magazine. but whatevs, it kept her from crying.  

this little doll has swagger. also, those shoes were too big last week. now they fit. her feet grew a whole size in a week! ONE WEEK. i just. she is such a big girl now. 

my aunt found baby kittens on her farm. WHAT IS IT ABOUT BABY KITTENS?!?!!!! i just want all of them. in my arms forever. but then, they turn into cats. so, no. 

this was my bday party in Selah! my parents got takeout tacos from my fave place the Taco Shack. sister CA was camping, so we sent this pic to make her jealous.  

G just chillin in Little M's chair.  

eating eggs and blackberries with a spork like a boss.  


  1. So SCARY! She is starting to look just like Papa!

  2. love the "little old ladies" pic...and i'm totally with you about kittens...they turn into cats! lol

  3. ok wait- are those shorts suspenders in the kitten pic? cute!!! Love the hat - love, love.


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