Tuesday, September 10, 2013

a day in disneyland

i just adore disneyland. my LA-native husband thinks it's a touristy money pit. this usually poses a problem. UNTIL i found a disneyland 5K to sign us both up for. JJ had no choice but to be perfectly pleasant for a day in disneyland after watching me huff and puff my way across the finish line. defeat! and so, we made all of my dreams come true and took Gemma to disneyland for the first time. and it was WONDERFUL. here is our day:

so i didn't realize one had to pick up their race packet at the expo the day before. in fact, on the disney run website, it clearly states "all runners must pick up their race packet and tshirts the day before the race at the expo." so i was a failure from the start. so in order to get to disneyland on time and to get our race bibs, we had to wake up at 3 in the morning. that's THREE. we got all sorted out and had our place at the starting line 20 minutes prior to the race.

69. hahahahah.

it was so dark outside. but it was already hot. a beautiful day in the making. everyone was wearing costumes. and i felt left out.

JJ: "wait. we're doing this again next year?" (just FYI i run so slow that JJ can walk and keep the same pace with me. basically this was a silly walk around the block race for him).
L: "YES OBVIOUSLY DUHHHHHH! OMG let's be beauty and the beast!"
JJ: "only if i can be beauty and you can be the beast."

also i was pissed because on the website it said "ABSOLUTELY NO STROLLERS OR BABY CARRIERS" and there were like 800 of each at the race. Gemma totally could have done it with us.

AND THEN it was time to go! well, it started, but we didn't actually move for another half hour.

then when we actually started moving, we couldn't really run. so it was very stop and go for the first two miles. which is precisely my exact pace. then i had to stop for this pic:

and a nice guy offered to take a pic of both of us.

the only two men i'd ever run for: JJ and Mickey.

then just like that, it was over. and we walked back to the car.

and JJ was afraid of turning on the car in the parking garage and falling asleep in the car and dying. so we drove to a hotel parking lot instead. and on the way i spotted a McD's. and had a delicious post-race breakfast.

(NOT PICTURED) the post-race, post-McD's bathroom session.

then JJ had a nap.

and i wanted a nap, but i was too wired. for two reasons: 1. i had just finished that giant sugary, caffeinated iced mocha from McD's. and 2. I WAS JUST SO EXCITED FOR DISNEYLAND! so i took like 400 selfies of me and my medal instead:

and then i woke JJ up and he was grumpy. and i said, "JJ! JJ! LOOK AT ME! SMILE WITH YOUR NEW MEDAL!" and this is what he did:

how rude.

then Grandma and Gemma and our nephew met us and WE WENT TO DLAND!

and everyone told me Gemma was too young to enjoy disneyland. and they were all wrong. because she loved it. WELL, most of it. here is the general consensus from G:

carousel: no. 
teacups: kind of.
dumbo: only when flying low.
pirates of the carribbean: absolutely fuck no. 
it's a small world: 75 more times please!
churro stand: i'll take 30, thanks.
Mickey himself: #ohmygodilovehim
Mickey ears: see below.

i got us matching tank tops to wear in disneyland. and everyone teased me about it. BUT I HAVE TO SAY, that literally EVERYONE stopped us and said, "ohmygodddddddddd you guys are so cute in those adorable matching tanks!" so. there. 

after all of those kiddie rides, JJ offered to take our nephew to space mountain. and i was all YES! SPACE MOUNTAIN I CANNOT WAIIIIIIIT TO---STOP. WAIT EVERYONE STOP EVERYTHING. I NEED A GIANT PICKLE.

anyway, I CANNOT WAIT TO GO ON SPACE MOUNTAINNNNNNN! but. then someone decided to take a nap in the ergo. and i was trapped. it was the ultimate sacrifice, missing space mountain for the sleeping baby. 

and then we decided it was time to head towards the exit. and obviously i just had to get a pic of us in front of the castle!!! even though G was PTFO.

and i was so excited to take G into the store and let her pick out a stuffed animal. JJ was broken hearted when she didn't choose Dumbo (his fave). she went right for Minnie. then she shat her pants so i took her outside for a sidewalk diaper change while JJ bought Minnie.

and then we had to say goodbye. goodbye to wonderful, dear, perfect disneyland. and i almost cried. because i am a giant sap, and i always almost cry whenever i have to leave the most magical place on earth. taking Gemma there was everything. she got to experience the very thing that brings me so much joy. 

and then for 7 seconds she let me put the Mickey ears back on for one last disneyland picture.


as if we didn't have enough junk food all day.

it was the best day. the perfect day! until next time, Mickey! 

the day after disneyland: morning milk with Minnie:


  1. For some reason I thought it was hilar that JJ's fave character is Dumbo. And it made me realize I don't know Chris' so I just called and asked him who is favorite Disney character is and he said (without missing a beat)"Gaston"!!! wtf? who am I married to?!

    p.s. stop with those matching tanks. So SO adorable.

  2. I cracked up through this whole post even though I already heard the story- the pics really do it justice :) Love Gem's pose at the end, your ultimate sacrifice, the 400 selfies and that Gem snubbed Dumbo (who's favorite character is Dumbo, seriously JJ?!) Loved it.


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