Wednesday, September 4, 2013

a day with L & G

6:45 wake up.
7:00 morning coffee for Mom & morning milk for Baby 

8:00 a healthy breakfast of chocolate chip cookies and a peach for Mom.
greek yogurt and blackberries for Gemmaroonie.

9:45 make mess.
10:00 G decides life is the worst and has a meltdown. 
10:01 Mom decides G will be an only child.
(currently transitioning from two naps to one. so we have a meltdown every morning. or sometimes, i give up and put her down for a nap. but then she doesn't sleep in the afternoon. soooooooo. yeah). 

10:30 errands. G insists on pushing cart. 
10:32 G rams cart into Mom's ankles
10:33 Hobby Lobby employee hears Mom say "goddammitgemma that hurt."

10:48 continue running errands.
10:49 Mom grabs these lollipops off shelf in TJ Maxx in desperate attempt to occupy screaming baby. at least they're "organic???" (i've come to realize that in the adventures of parenthood, one can never say never. i never thought i would give my 1-year-old a lollipop. never. but alas...)
10:54 lollipop gone. time to go home.
10:58 all buckled up and ready to go.
10:59 realize we left fucking Elmo inside of TJ Maxx.
11:01 retrieve Elmo. 
11:03 re-buckle up and head home.

11:14 back home with Elmo.

11:30 lunch. hummus on naan, grapes and vegetable sticks.

11:41 take a grumpy rock in the chair outside.

11:50 weird Seattle weather calls for an outfit change. too warm for pants, but too cold for bloomers and a onesie. so bloomers and a sweatshirt it is.
11:51 G demands different hairbow.
11:52 read Sheep in a Jeep or "baaaaaaa!" (as G calls it) 800 times 

12:10 out cold. with all of her bunnies.
12:11 Mom decides G is sweetest little dear in entire world, so maybe she won't be an only child.
12:13 watch season finale of PLL while G naps. OH MY GODDDDDD YOU GUYS. #ezrA. omg. i can't even.

1:30 G wakes up early. 
1:47 G demands previously worn hairbow. change into swimsuits.
1:48 beach.

4:00 milk and Peppa Pig or "Beppppppa?" (as G calls it)
4:23 outfit change. as G took off her second outfit of the day and drug it outside to be with the pile of dirty diapers (guilty: we embarrassingly just toss the dirty diapers out back to deal with later).

5:15 G rips out hairbow.
5:18 Daddy gets home just in time for a violent kiss and a nose squeeze.
5:19 G wants hairbow back in. (it's a constant hairbow battle in this house).
5:20 Dad takes G for a walk.

5:45 dinner. leftover veggie pizza and blueberries.

6:30 milk
 6:45 brush teeth
6:50 story time
6:56 sing "night night Gemma" song 
7:00 out cold.

7:30 Jeopardy 
8:30 Mom & Dad hop in bed to watch House of Cards

9:48 Dad out cold.
9:50 Mom reads (GREAT BOOK btw)
10:23 Mom out cold.

the end. 


  1. I'm so impressed you're in bed by 10:30! Last night we got into bed by 10:30, but then I picked up my book thinking I'd read 1 or 2 chapters before bed...aaaand like 2 hours later I'm kicking my stupid self for not putting it down.

    ANYways, I wanna come spend a day with L & G!

  2. gemma's face in that rocking chair is awesome. And in bed by 1030? so impressed

  3. love all her bows! I hated the 2 naps to 1 nap transition...the worst.

  4. I'm so in love with this post. I laughed the whole way through! Love the violent kiss and nose grab (a total Isla!)

  5. We are doing the cart pushing too! And it's so great for like 2 minutes then you realize it's taking about 30 times as long as it would if you could just push to get in and out of Rite Aid! Ohh...and this book just hates me. I had to contact stupid Kindle support and they had to email the publisher because it downloads with missing pages which is maybe the most annoying thing in the world! And...Gem's so cute! ..... Than's all!

  6. Psst... We toss our stinky diapers out the back door as well. As a mom to 2 boys (2yrs and 1yr) I completely relate to ALL of this...even the inner debate to have one more.


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