Wednesday, September 18, 2013

what's inside my brain

1. the catwalk strut of this munchkin.

2. summer is really over i think. AND I HAVE CABIN FEVER ALREADY.

3. you know, i have been absolutely KILLING it in jeopardy lately. just kicking JJ's ass like a regular genius. i think it's because i have been reading The New Yorker religiously. i feel abundant with knowledge, and i owe it all to my Mimi who gave me the subscription for Christmas. i'm entirely in love with it. it's quite possibly the best gift i've ever received!

4. JJ said if we ever got a boy dog, he would want to name it Art. when i said, "i literally have no response to that statement," he nervously laughed and said "oh oh! i was just kidding!" but really, i don't think he was. i decided i needed to nip this one in the bud. i said, "JJ, we shan't ever have a dog named Art," and crushed his dreams right then and there. cold-hearted and hateful witch, you say? WELL SO BE IT.

5. here is something i didn't expect: i didn't expect to not have time to blog as Gemma got older. but i literally cannot look away for a second. she puts my toothbrush in the toilet otherwise. and by the time nap rolls around, i have to turn off the creative part of my brian. i have to relax. i have to read or watch TV or talk on the phone with a friend. BUT I MISS WRITING. it's my best outlet. and when i'm not writing, i feel all jumbled inside. i have to get it out. I HAVE TO! so i think i'm going to have to step it up a notch around here. c'mon L. quit being such a damn pansy.

6. the Target chocolate covered peanuts come in a big bag now, so...i'm in trouble.

7. my sister discovered these bras. AND NOW I AM ADDICTED. they are beautiful AND comfortable. something i didn't think was possible.

8. last week i had a feeling that i couldn't shake. a feeling of NEEDING CHANGE RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW OR I WILL DIE. and i wasn't sure if it was something simple like rearranging my living room, or maybe something vain like wanting a new handbag (which i ended up buying anyway). i finally decided that the hunt for a new couch seemed like a nice distraction/possible solution to my problem. our trusty ikea lumps have been just that--trusty. and i've very much enjoyed having white couches. i love white couches, i think they're beautiful. and easier to clean than you'd think (i.e. take off couch cover, wash in machine with bleach, dry, put back on couch). but much like Pinocchio, i have always felt an underlying sense that I'M A REAL BOY WOMAN (WHO NEEDS A REAL COUCH). and so i found it. the perfect couch. and then i barfed when i looked at the price. STOP TAUNTING ME DREAM COUCH. that dream is dead now. but so is the feeling that i need immediate change. so i suppose it wasn't a total loss.

9. rocks. Gemma is obsessed with rocks. any and all of them. she likes to touch them and lick them and rub them on her face. i am interested to see how that one develops.

10. this is the stuffed animal i bought Gemma after her 15-month shots. he is so adorable and fluffy, and G calls him "Pig-gy?" and carries him around the house. only he looks exactly like Cleo when she's curled up into a ball for a nap. i have already absentmindedly pet him twice, thinking he was my dog. AND MY DOG ISN'T EVEN AT MY HOUSE RIGHT NOW (she's spending the week/end with my parents). you guys. I AM LOSING MY MIND I THINK.


  1. While not nearly as awesome as the couch you posted - I just found this one at World Market which is pretty cute and MUCH cheaper. ;) I just bought one from there and it's surprisingly comfy!

  2. sounds like time for another baby!!

  3. Those VS bralettes are the BEST! Especially if you, like me, are shaped like a surfboard. LOVE LOVE LOVE theM!!!! Also every time you talk about your NYer subscription I get so jealous. I want one! don't have $7,000 to spend on a couch? Because I totally do... ::goes back to browsing Target furniture online::

  4. Omg C is beyond obsessed with rocks too! I found some in my purse and under my pillow...she collects them all day long and tries to make our dog eat them. Totally fine.

  5. On the couch front I recommend they build in the u.s. and the quality and price are very good. It is all also custom so they can make whatever you like probably for less and not in china.


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