Tuesday, September 17, 2013

what's on L's phone?!

taking a stroll with Nannie & Bear 

20 pound baby! my arms are toned. also, she cried so hard when she got her shots. so we went to target for some cheese crackers. and then i bought her a stuffed animal. i was a big softie yesterday. 

 i forced sister M to take me to DQ. only she wouldn't let me get a peanut buster parfait. RUDE. DON'T WORRY GUYS, I SETTLED FOR A CHERRY-DIPPED CONE. just delicious.

you know, it pays to have family in Selah. the Yakima Target had all of the Phillip Lim collection in stock on Sunday afternoon, and sister M and i each scored a handbag!!!

relaxin to the maxxx 

LJ, Milker and their puppy joined us at the beach for a picnic dinner. it was the best sunshiny day of the summer. pure bliss!

G is obsessed with her red rainboots.  

"no, mother. i did NOT sneak a sip of your coffee, why do you ask?" 

this child ate about 400 strawberries that day and hasn't touched one since. maybe she OD'd on them? 

get in my MOUTH sprinkle doughnut.  

i took the test on pottermore.com to see which house the sorting hat would place me in. and i got slytherin. SLYTHERIN. I AM SO NOT A SLYTHERIN! it broke my heart.  


we went to the farm with Sandi & Isla. such fun we had! and Sandi pointed out that Isla looks like a dictator when she's angry. hahahahahahahahahahaaa SHE TOTALLY DOES.  

farmer Gem. i always get the urge to give her a nerd wedgie when she wears these suspender pants, but i don't because that would be mean. 

naked baby running. 

we got to see Moon while we were in LA! she and Gemmie shared lots of kisses and secrets.  

this was a date night. WINE AND A MOVIE FOR MAMA and bedtime for Gemstone. also, it should be noted that the dress i'm wearing? 7 dollars. SEVEN DOLLARS YOU GUYS. 

so JJ came home last night and was all "i did something i never do." and i was like HOLY SHIT HE GOT A TATOO. but he didn't. instead he pulled out these 5 shirts. MY HUSBAND, who only wears black, pulled out five, brightly colored shirts. and i was like OMFG. were you on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and never told me?!?! he literally went shopping all on his own and bought a shirt for each color of the rainbow. OMG WHO IS HE?!


  1. There must be some man shopping breezes floating through, because David bought new shoes the other night...TWO pairs! One of them were New Balances, and he was all, "I don't know why you and Hailey make fun of these shoes, they're comfortable and they look great!" He's a full-on Dad now. Anyways, those polos are spiffy and you basically have the most fashionable fam ever because EVERY ONE of Gem's outfits make me squeal and clap, I love her so.

  2. I love the shirts! My guy does the same thing.... Until about 6 months ago he only owned/wore blue shirts. Light blue, dark blue, bright blue, and teal if he was feeling sassy. haha.

  3. Lol on Slytherin...it can't be true

  4. What Maclaren do you have? Would you recommend it? I need a great umbrella stroller for our Florida trip coming up :). Also.. I am so taking that Potter sort right now!!!!

  5. Where is your name necklace from? I really really want one for my birthday in a few weeks :) May have to drop a hint to the husband.


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