Thursday, October 31, 2013

skulls for two

and we are off to run errands in matching skull outfits! my mother-in-law hates when i put Gemmie in skulls. but yesterday she wore the hand-knit bolero with an orange corsage from Grandma, so i think that should make up for the skull she is wearing today:

happy halloween! i hope it is magical. and also, since yesterday's post, about 800 people have told me that they too met and started dating their spouse on Halloween. so it's settled then. if you are single and looking for a mate, TONIGHT IS YOUR NIGHT.

also, Matt Lauer as Pam Anderson. i just. OMG YOU GUYS. his boobs. HOW?!?!!!! i absolutely died laughing. so hilarious.

we are going trick-or-treating with some friends tonight and i just can't wait to see the littles in their costumes! also on the menu tonight: i'm gonna OD on candy corn. i have a dentist appointment on tuesday so i feel like it's okay if i dirty my teeth right up since they're going to get extra clean in 5 days.

have a spooooooooooky day!

that was so stupid. forget i said it.


  1. That bolero jacket and corsage- dying. That's literally perfect for your little 'petite-sassy-pants'- Love it! ps- I won't forget or forgive your 'spooooooky' -- thatisall.

  2. how can she not love the skulls...i think the matching skulls are bad*ss

  3. Yes! Matt Lauer! He was so funny!

  4. Jer and I didn't meet on Halloween, but we met October 25th.Close enough, right? Gemma as a bee was adorable!! :)


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