Wednesday, November 13, 2013

the ghost

thanks to my friend Sandi for capturing this shot! she always catches Gemmie and me having the best time!

so i have a ghost that lives in my house (he's a he. because girl ghosts just make me picture Moaning Myrtle. and Moaning Myrtle is annoying as shit) i was positive that he was creaking through our walls last winter. i thought well, maybe he is a Christmas ghost. maybe he died right before Christmas and didn't get to open his presents (that is a very real fear of mine by the way) so he's real pissed off about it TO THIS DAY and so he creaks around every winter in agonized torture because he still doesn't know what gifts he would have received. and so i felt bad for the ghost. i mean, that would be a horrifically long period of purgatory if you spent every day wondering and guessing what your presents were. i can't even.

but then  i found mouse droppings in my sock drawer and realized that my ghost wasn't really a ghost at all.

until the other day i realized that my ghost actually really does exist. HE REALLY DOES. no? you disagree? you don't believe in ghosts? WELL THEN RIDDLE ME THIS: my DVR records Martha Stewart. everyday at 10 a.m. i have never once set my DVR to record Martha Stewart. but it just keeps on recording. every. damn. day. i have even canceled the series. NUMEROUS TIMES. yet Martha still appears on my DVR. he is a ghost who has a penchant for crafting and baking!

also i think it's him who is eating all the Nutella.


  1. There's probably a squirrel living in the walls...

  2. hahahahah that is kind of cool though you have a martha loving ghost...

  3. I like ghosts! I swear I've felt little ghosties in my house before but I'm like, it's cool if you hang out here, just be a friendly ghost.

  4. hahaha, you painted such a great picture in my head :)

  5. ahahahha. you stop! Love that pic- a classic!


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