Monday, November 18, 2013


things i am proud of:

1. i finally scheduled a grooming appointment for my neglected dog, after comments from friends and family that she is looking scruffy and mangy. which is true. except that really Cleopatra is a beauty queen, so i feel bad that i haven't taken her in for a proper haircut in over a year. i took a picture of her yesterday and it reminded me of those STARS WITHOUT MAKEUP! photos.

2. i de-seeded a pomegranate all by myself.

3. i know all the words to Stompy the Bear.

4. i made an all-time Graf family favorite dish for Gemma and JJ on Saturday morning for breakfast. EGG IN THE HOLE YOU GUYS! it was Gem's first EITH, and she loved it.

5. i ate a sandwich today made with LIGHT mayonnaise. LIGHT MAYONNAISE. JJ bought it obviously, not me. and i thought i would barf, but i didn't. i ate it. OHMYGOD I'M SO HEALTHY RIGHT NOW.

6. this husband and father, who finished and placed in yet another half marathon. GO JJ GO!

7. the great deal on socks i found for G at Marshall's. except that i accidentally threw away the Marshall's bag with the socks inside it and didn't realize until garbage day had come and gone. dammit!

8. the fact that i refrained from punching Gemma when she threw a golf ball at my face.

9. the homemade and free holiday decoration i made from an errant yard clipping:
you see now, what i mean about Cleo. she's a hot mess. her fu manchu is outta control.  

10. this glorious creation i made using bath toys.


  1. OMG. Her face in the bath picture. I can't even... Tooooo funny!

  2. She does not look amused! LOL!

  3. I LOL'd at this whole list--You are a strong woman for not punching your baby after a golfball to the face. oww! and that last pic- I just. Please do a side by side with Jer in that pose- I swear they will look exactly the same. :)

  4. Hi Lacie,

    I nominated your blog for Liebster award; check out my post today and find the details.


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