Monday, November 4, 2013

what's inside my brain

1. when i found that mustache onesie at Goodwill, i snapped it right up into my hands and planned this mom+baby twin outfit within 5 seconds.

2. i also envisioned the photos very differently. i did not have a cooperating toddler. it was a mustache shitshow to say the least.

3. the last 20 or so times i've gone to Target, i've written "bones for Cleo" on the shopping list. but inevitably i find some adorable thing for Gemma or a top on sale for myself--and by the time i mosey my way over to the pet aisle, i glance at the bones and say to myself "$9.99 for a pack of bones?? i just. i can't. i would rather have this shirt." and sadly, poor old, old Cleo gets put on the backburner yet again. but it's not like she NEEDS the bones. they are a treat. WELL, all you dog lovers who are shaking your heads in disappointment at me, i went to Target this week and i went to the pet aisle FIRST. and i bought her that pack of bones (and a Christmas bow for her collar for the holiday season)!! and when we got home, Gemma gave one to her (Gemmie loves to give things to Cleo. bites of food, coins, toys, dirty underwear, etc etc etc) and Cleo twirled and jumped and yipped and yapped for joy. and i told myself SELF: THIS POOR PUP. she has suffered enough becoming a second-rate citizen in this home. from now on, buy her the damn bones. always buy her the damn bones.

4. i am feeling the itch to rearrange our bedroom again. but there really are only two options due to it's size and poor design (three doors. THREE DOORS IN ONE ROOM YOU GUYS)

5. please enjoy this instagram video i made of our afternoon in the park the other day:

the part where i am lifting up Gemma for half a second was JJ's attempt at instavideo-ing. he just doesn't get it.

6. never has there ever been a hoodie that described my life so perfectly (even my Mom sent me a pic of it and said "this is so dumb but i knew you would love it." i first saw it on *cough cough* Paris Hilton's instagram (SHUTUPLEAVEMEALONE i love Paris) and i want it. I WANT IT. and it's true. shopping really is my cardio. but it is SOLD OUT. sob. even if it wasn't though, i can't just go and buy a $148 hoodie.

7. my friend Allison who is fancy beyond everything i know about being fancy told a few of us girls that we absolutely needed silk pillowcases for our hair and our skin and such. and when Allison tells you that you need something, you nod your head in agreement, wide-eyed and dutifully. and dammit, you listen. IF ALLISON TELLS YOU TO UPGRADE YOUR LINENS, THEN YOU HAD BETTER UPGRADE YOUR LINENS. this is all to say that i ordered my silk pillowcase and let me tell you the obvious: that Allison was right. a silk pillowcase has changed my life for the better. nevermore shall i lay my head down on a shoddy cotton case. never. more.

8. i have been eyeing THESE SHOES for my Gemcake for a while now. they finally went on sale and i got an extra 40% off so i finally bought them. aren't they just the SWEETEST?! and they are even called "gem shoes." i can hear JJ in my head saying "just because the name of the item has the word 'gem' in it doesn't mean you have to buy it, L."

9. have i raved about Donna Karen Cashmere deodorant yet? because i just recently started using it again, after JJ told me that my armpits smelled like "dank ass BO trying to be covered up by deodorant." so that was nice. i told him to shut up or i would stop wearing deodorant altogether. ultimately, i went back to my old fave DK Cashmere AND OMG I WILL NEVER STOP. it costs an absurd $20, but it is $20 well spent. i promise!!!!

10. (best for last!) my friend Sam had her baby on Wednesday night (we love you baby H! we cannot wait to come and visit you in December!!!) and i cried. i am such a baby sap. i just love it when my dearest friends get to experience the very thing that has made me whole. having a baby is the most special thing that has ever happened to me. and it absolutely warms my heart that Sam will get to experience the unexplainable kind of love that is motherhood.


  1. OK Is that deodorant REALLY that awesome? I have the worst armpits in the world. I am ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS sweaty and smelly and it just sucks. I would pay $20 to have feminine pits.

  2. Even if the shoes weren't called gem shoes, they were totally worth it and soo adorable. The fact that they're gem shoes makes them that much sweeter

  3. I'm with JJ - you need an instagram tutorial- it's SO damn confusing!

  4. I'd like to point out that I was the first to send you a pic of that "shopping is my cardio" hoodie LAST YEAR in the dirty Spo. Once again credit has not been given to the sister who deserves it. >sigh<

  5. You know you totally look like t-swift in pic one, right? very cute.. :D


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