Tuesday, November 5, 2013

what's on L's phone?!


out for a stroll 

we took the babies to the symphony and they adored it. and Gemma didn't wear shoes. #whitetrash 

if you're in my address book, chances are you received this photo with the text: "i have something very serious to ask you" ... "DO I HAVE SOMETHIN IN MAH TEETH?!" hahahahhaha i'm so stupid.

early morning vacuuming with Nannie in jammies! 

eating sorbet with Bear. 

Sandi took fall pictures of the girls last week. she does all the work! 

out and about. and also so you guys can see that i actually DO know how to properly strap my child in a car seat. hah.

and also that i am irresponsible enough to let her play in the dryer. 

mean muggin. 

we had a puppy playdate at our house and Cricket was horribly muddy. her bath was literally THIS BROWN omg.  

just a girl and her pup. 

we woke up very sad and snuggly from nap the other day.  

a talented photographer friend of mine from high school asked if we and another family would pose as "models" for a photoshoot. we were honored to participate! i snuck this shot in of our pals! cutest family. oh and candice: YOU ARE SO TALENTED! YOU MAKE US LOOK GOOOOOD! 

taking a break from our afternoon of pictures! 

parents out there: do you have the book pajama time? Gemma wants it read every night before bed. JJ and i know it by heart now. NOW ALL AROUND THE ROOM IN ONE BIG LINE, WEARING OUR PAJAMAS AND LOOKING SO FINE! IT'S PAJAMA TIME! 

waiting outside Sandi's condo. just another day with L&G! 

not your teepee, Cleo. not. your. tee. pee. 

just a couple of girls hanging out in a dog bed. 


  1. Where did you get the skull and crossbones tee? LOVE it!

  2. i apologize if this sounds really creepy since i don't know you outside of reading your blog, but i can't believe how big gemma is getting...she's so cute!


  3. So we totally just bought a teepee for Maddie for Christmas and I laughed out loud at Cleo inside Gemma's. I can already picture our C's inside hers.

  4. locked outside my condo- ahahahah! I swear everyone of our friends and family have that same shot- stupid Kirkland! :) (PS- love the girls in the basket- Isla's head is so big! :)


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