Tuesday, November 19, 2013

what's on L's phone?!

monday morning meeting madness
little buddies 

EATING BESALU AND SO THRILLED! (our favorite after church spot in Ballard) 

too many Besalu pastries. too. many. 

exploring. this girl loves to be outside. loves. and i don't really love to be outside. but you know, being outside with Gemma really makes being outside way more tolerable (how many times can i say "outside" in one sentence?). it's so much fun watching her walk around talking to herself, stopping to pick things up and inspect them.  

riding the giant frog at Mimi & Papa's house 

Isla & Gemma sharing a good book 

obligatory post-run beach pic! 

sunny Malibu 

YOU TWO! stop being so adorable. 

i mean, obviously.  

she's a SoCal girl at heart, this one! 

this is Zoe--she is JJ's parents new puppy--they haven't even met her yet. we got to pick her out a couple weeks ago and next week we get to pick her up for them! i might just have to sneak another one of the puppies into my purse for myself! 


  1. where do you guys church?

  2. JJ's hair in every post-race pic cracks me up! He looks so hard core! And PLZZ can I have Gemma for myself? She is too too cute. I want to smooch those cheeks!

  3. i love Gemma's hello outfit!


  4. Gemma and those damn monkeys. They are the best (Too bad Isla's are still in Hong kong! :)

  5. Oh, all the sunny So Cal pictures look too nice! The one of Gemma kissing her daddy on the beach is so sweet.


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