Thursday, November 21, 2013

wild baby

we had a U Village date with Sandi and Isla for the sole purpose of purchasing Christmas pajamas. the Hansen household will be decorating on Saturday, and i wanted Gemmie to be festive as a fig while doing so. off to Hanna Andersson we went. where we both picked up the most adorable fair isle pajamas there ever were. i mean JUST ADORABLE. Gemma was in the Ergo (we left our stroller at my parents' house and the jogging stroller has a flat) and i think it is the last time i carry her in the Ergo (*sob* babywearing was my most favorite thing aside from nursing) because she no longer wants to be in it. she pulls my hair and says "WALK WALK WALK!" until i relent and set her down. and so i did just that in Hanna Andersson. i set her down. she insisted on carrying the shopping bag, then she ran right out of Hanna Andersson and straight over to the water frogs (the water frogs are bronze frogs that sneakily squirt water at unsuspecting patrons. the children love them, the parents do not). WHY THE WATER FROGS ARE EVEN RUNNING IN THE FALL AND WINTER IS BEYOND ME. WHYYYY?!?! NOOOOOOO!!!!! Gemma was soaked. to the bone. and it was freezing outside. and she didn't have her jacket on because it was too bulky to wear inside of the Ergo, and so there we were--water drenched Gemma and her mom standing in the middle of U Village like a couple of nutbags (i might add that Isla was all snuggled up cozy and warm and behaving like an angel in her stroller, 10 points for Sandi!).

i wasn't done with my excursion, and i wasn't about to let the water frogs foil my day. so i changed Gemma into the only thing i had--the new Christmas pajamas. she looked totally crazy and i'm sure i looked even crazier. THIS CHILD MUST HAVE A HORRID MOTHER, LETTING HER PRANCE ABOUT THE PLAY STRUCTURE WEARING PAJAMAS WITHOUT A JACKET!

and everyone stared at us and we got so many comments, "isn't she...cute?!" which i think was said only because when you see a toddler dressed like this in a public place, you almost HAVE to say something. i'm just glad they weren't saying what i know they were all thinking, "WHAT in the name of Sam Hell?! why is that child dressed like a deranged elf?!?!?!?!"

i love this story so much, because it's so true to my Gemma's personality. my wild baby. she pushes me to the limit nearly everyday, sometimes bringing me to tears. but alas, i wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. Meggie will be driven wild by the fact that her hat is pink and her jammies are red, green and white! Also, the PJ's are Nordic, not Fair Isle, which is Scot.

  2. Alas, Mimi is right on both counts!

  3. One day I hope to be as cool as Gemma. One day.


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