Monday, September 30, 2013

the coast

our wonderful friends Melissa and Kyle invited us to their family cabin in Westport, and we had an absolute BLAST. the girls slept prettttty well, we ate 3/4 of a Costco sour cream in two days (i mean that takes some talent!), went to the beach, ate our weight in saltwater taffy and fish n chips, played Monopoly & Yahtzee and were unplugged for most of the weekend. there's nothing better than a good old fashioned family fun weekend away. AMIRIGHT?!


babies eating suckers. 

to the top of the tower with the dads! 


these girls 

two moms in yoga pants. aren't we so predictable? 

Mel made them matching beanies. SO CUTE.

 isn't this rainboot pic weirdly sexual???

AND NOW for the pictures Mel took on her fancy cam:

 the boys (and dogs) playing football. 


whoops. the men are too tall.  


ohhhh this little G. 




i know that i am yelling "JEREMYYYYYYYYY!!!!" in this photo. hhahahhaa

 this is when we waded into the water and a rogue wave came crashing around us and filled our rainboots with muck. Gemma and i were laughing hysterically but JJ, ever the worry wart, shouted "L! STOP IT! STOP LAUGHING! GET OUT OF THE WATER! GET GEMMA OUT OF THE WATER! IT IS STRONGER THAN YOU THINK! YOU COULD DIEEEEE!"  

as you can see, we almost died. omg he is such a drama queen. 


and what photo montage would be complete without a shot of Gemma crying?! 

we are so lucky to have such great friends who have a little girl for Gemma to love. we had the best time! 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

what's inside my brain

1. the catwalk strut of this munchkin.

2. summer is really over i think. AND I HAVE CABIN FEVER ALREADY.

3. you know, i have been absolutely KILLING it in jeopardy lately. just kicking JJ's ass like a regular genius. i think it's because i have been reading The New Yorker religiously. i feel abundant with knowledge, and i owe it all to my Mimi who gave me the subscription for Christmas. i'm entirely in love with it. it's quite possibly the best gift i've ever received!

4. JJ said if we ever got a boy dog, he would want to name it Art. when i said, "i literally have no response to that statement," he nervously laughed and said "oh oh! i was just kidding!" but really, i don't think he was. i decided i needed to nip this one in the bud. i said, "JJ, we shan't ever have a dog named Art," and crushed his dreams right then and there. cold-hearted and hateful witch, you say? WELL SO BE IT.

5. here is something i didn't expect: i didn't expect to not have time to blog as Gemma got older. but i literally cannot look away for a second. she puts my toothbrush in the toilet otherwise. and by the time nap rolls around, i have to turn off the creative part of my brian. i have to relax. i have to read or watch TV or talk on the phone with a friend. BUT I MISS WRITING. it's my best outlet. and when i'm not writing, i feel all jumbled inside. i have to get it out. I HAVE TO! so i think i'm going to have to step it up a notch around here. c'mon L. quit being such a damn pansy.

6. the Target chocolate covered peanuts come in a big bag now, so...i'm in trouble.

7. my sister discovered these bras. AND NOW I AM ADDICTED. they are beautiful AND comfortable. something i didn't think was possible.

8. last week i had a feeling that i couldn't shake. a feeling of NEEDING CHANGE RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW OR I WILL DIE. and i wasn't sure if it was something simple like rearranging my living room, or maybe something vain like wanting a new handbag (which i ended up buying anyway). i finally decided that the hunt for a new couch seemed like a nice distraction/possible solution to my problem. our trusty ikea lumps have been just that--trusty. and i've very much enjoyed having white couches. i love white couches, i think they're beautiful. and easier to clean than you'd think (i.e. take off couch cover, wash in machine with bleach, dry, put back on couch). but much like Pinocchio, i have always felt an underlying sense that I'M A REAL BOY WOMAN (WHO NEEDS A REAL COUCH). and so i found it. the perfect couch. and then i barfed when i looked at the price. STOP TAUNTING ME DREAM COUCH. that dream is dead now. but so is the feeling that i need immediate change. so i suppose it wasn't a total loss.

9. rocks. Gemma is obsessed with rocks. any and all of them. she likes to touch them and lick them and rub them on her face. i am interested to see how that one develops.

10. this is the stuffed animal i bought Gemma after her 15-month shots. he is so adorable and fluffy, and G calls him "Pig-gy?" and carries him around the house. only he looks exactly like Cleo when she's curled up into a ball for a nap. i have already absentmindedly pet him twice, thinking he was my dog. AND MY DOG ISN'T EVEN AT MY HOUSE RIGHT NOW (she's spending the week/end with my parents). you guys. I AM LOSING MY MIND I THINK.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

what's on L's phone?!

taking a stroll with Nannie & Bear 

20 pound baby! my arms are toned. also, she cried so hard when she got her shots. so we went to target for some cheese crackers. and then i bought her a stuffed animal. i was a big softie yesterday. 

 i forced sister M to take me to DQ. only she wouldn't let me get a peanut buster parfait. RUDE. DON'T WORRY GUYS, I SETTLED FOR A CHERRY-DIPPED CONE. just delicious.

you know, it pays to have family in Selah. the Yakima Target had all of the Phillip Lim collection in stock on Sunday afternoon, and sister M and i each scored a handbag!!!

relaxin to the maxxx 

LJ, Milker and their puppy joined us at the beach for a picnic dinner. it was the best sunshiny day of the summer. pure bliss!

G is obsessed with her red rainboots.  

"no, mother. i did NOT sneak a sip of your coffee, why do you ask?" 

this child ate about 400 strawberries that day and hasn't touched one since. maybe she OD'd on them? 

get in my MOUTH sprinkle doughnut.  

i took the test on to see which house the sorting hat would place me in. and i got slytherin. SLYTHERIN. I AM SO NOT A SLYTHERIN! it broke my heart.  


we went to the farm with Sandi & Isla. such fun we had! and Sandi pointed out that Isla looks like a dictator when she's angry. hahahahahahahahahahaaa SHE TOTALLY DOES.  

farmer Gem. i always get the urge to give her a nerd wedgie when she wears these suspender pants, but i don't because that would be mean. 

naked baby running. 

we got to see Moon while we were in LA! she and Gemmie shared lots of kisses and secrets.  

this was a date night. WINE AND A MOVIE FOR MAMA and bedtime for Gemstone. also, it should be noted that the dress i'm wearing? 7 dollars. SEVEN DOLLARS YOU GUYS. 

so JJ came home last night and was all "i did something i never do." and i was like HOLY SHIT HE GOT A TATOO. but he didn't. instead he pulled out these 5 shirts. MY HUSBAND, who only wears black, pulled out five, brightly colored shirts. and i was like OMFG. were you on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and never told me?!?! he literally went shopping all on his own and bought a shirt for each color of the rainbow. OMG WHO IS HE?!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

a day in disneyland

i just adore disneyland. my LA-native husband thinks it's a touristy money pit. this usually poses a problem. UNTIL i found a disneyland 5K to sign us both up for. JJ had no choice but to be perfectly pleasant for a day in disneyland after watching me huff and puff my way across the finish line. defeat! and so, we made all of my dreams come true and took Gemma to disneyland for the first time. and it was WONDERFUL. here is our day:

so i didn't realize one had to pick up their race packet at the expo the day before. in fact, on the disney run website, it clearly states "all runners must pick up their race packet and tshirts the day before the race at the expo." so i was a failure from the start. so in order to get to disneyland on time and to get our race bibs, we had to wake up at 3 in the morning. that's THREE. we got all sorted out and had our place at the starting line 20 minutes prior to the race.

69. hahahahah.

it was so dark outside. but it was already hot. a beautiful day in the making. everyone was wearing costumes. and i felt left out.

JJ: "wait. we're doing this again next year?" (just FYI i run so slow that JJ can walk and keep the same pace with me. basically this was a silly walk around the block race for him).
L: "YES OBVIOUSLY DUHHHHHH! OMG let's be beauty and the beast!"
JJ: "only if i can be beauty and you can be the beast."

also i was pissed because on the website it said "ABSOLUTELY NO STROLLERS OR BABY CARRIERS" and there were like 800 of each at the race. Gemma totally could have done it with us.

AND THEN it was time to go! well, it started, but we didn't actually move for another half hour.

then when we actually started moving, we couldn't really run. so it was very stop and go for the first two miles. which is precisely my exact pace. then i had to stop for this pic:

and a nice guy offered to take a pic of both of us.

the only two men i'd ever run for: JJ and Mickey.

then just like that, it was over. and we walked back to the car.

and JJ was afraid of turning on the car in the parking garage and falling asleep in the car and dying. so we drove to a hotel parking lot instead. and on the way i spotted a McD's. and had a delicious post-race breakfast.

(NOT PICTURED) the post-race, post-McD's bathroom session.

then JJ had a nap.

and i wanted a nap, but i was too wired. for two reasons: 1. i had just finished that giant sugary, caffeinated iced mocha from McD's. and 2. I WAS JUST SO EXCITED FOR DISNEYLAND! so i took like 400 selfies of me and my medal instead:

and then i woke JJ up and he was grumpy. and i said, "JJ! JJ! LOOK AT ME! SMILE WITH YOUR NEW MEDAL!" and this is what he did:

how rude.

then Grandma and Gemma and our nephew met us and WE WENT TO DLAND!

and everyone told me Gemma was too young to enjoy disneyland. and they were all wrong. because she loved it. WELL, most of it. here is the general consensus from G:

carousel: no. 
teacups: kind of.
dumbo: only when flying low.
pirates of the carribbean: absolutely fuck no. 
it's a small world: 75 more times please!
churro stand: i'll take 30, thanks.
Mickey himself: #ohmygodilovehim
Mickey ears: see below.

i got us matching tank tops to wear in disneyland. and everyone teased me about it. BUT I HAVE TO SAY, that literally EVERYONE stopped us and said, "ohmygodddddddddd you guys are so cute in those adorable matching tanks!" so. there. 

after all of those kiddie rides, JJ offered to take our nephew to space mountain. and i was all YES! SPACE MOUNTAIN I CANNOT WAIIIIIIIT TO---STOP. WAIT EVERYONE STOP EVERYTHING. I NEED A GIANT PICKLE.

anyway, I CANNOT WAIT TO GO ON SPACE MOUNTAINNNNNNN! but. then someone decided to take a nap in the ergo. and i was trapped. it was the ultimate sacrifice, missing space mountain for the sleeping baby. 

and then we decided it was time to head towards the exit. and obviously i just had to get a pic of us in front of the castle!!! even though G was PTFO.

and i was so excited to take G into the store and let her pick out a stuffed animal. JJ was broken hearted when she didn't choose Dumbo (his fave). she went right for Minnie. then she shat her pants so i took her outside for a sidewalk diaper change while JJ bought Minnie.

and then we had to say goodbye. goodbye to wonderful, dear, perfect disneyland. and i almost cried. because i am a giant sap, and i always almost cry whenever i have to leave the most magical place on earth. taking Gemma there was everything. she got to experience the very thing that brings me so much joy. 

and then for 7 seconds she let me put the Mickey ears back on for one last disneyland picture.


as if we didn't have enough junk food all day.

it was the best day. the perfect day! until next time, Mickey! 

the day after disneyland: morning milk with Minnie:

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