Friday, January 31, 2014


1. the Sodastream is a REAL game changer. our life has improved tenfold since i hooked that shit up. SPARKLING WATER ON DEMAND.

2. i am on a REAL roll here you guys. today i made soup. and roasted vegetables AND chocolate chip cookies.

3. my boobs are REAL (like you ever questioned it).

4. Gemma is REAL bad at taking care of her baby:

5. i'm REALly excited that the little debbie heart cakes are back on shelves for Valentine's Day!! except JJ cruelly emailed me this while we were sitting next to each other on the couch and i was stuffing one into my mouth. rude. whatever. i don't even CARE. i will keep on eating them. SUCK IT sodium aluminum phosphate!!!!

6. the love i have for a couch that isn't mine is so REAL. we went to West Elm yesterday with our friends M&M and i sat on it and never wanted to leave. i have to prove to JJ that we need this couch. like we need it REAL bad. thus far in the JJ Is Convinced Department: -800.

7. i didn't buy a couch yesterday at West Elm, but i did buy this mug. so happy with my purchase. except that the little gold heart makes the mug non-microwaveable which is just not REAListic in the slightest, since i zap my coffee 7 times every morning.

8. i'm REALly terrible at keeping up with Gemcake's baby book. my friend Sand is incredibly diligent about doing her daughter's and she inspired me to work on G's. so i cracked it open last night for the first time since she was 4 months old and spent hours going back into my phone and instagram and my five-year diary to see when the F she said her first word, took her first steps, etc. i eventually filled out "your mother sucks" in the blank spaces for her height and weight from months 5-9 because i never wrote it down. at least i'm honest?? 

9. for once in my life i decided not to be a cheap ass and bought the actual Paul Mitchell hairspray instead of the generic copycat at Sally Beauty Supply. and it smells REAL good. i may never go back to generic. which means that i probably never should have tried the REAL stuff in the first place. 

10. the Super Bowl is REALly this weekend. and then football is over! yay!

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