Tuesday, January 21, 2014


you know, i just really didn't have a picture to go along with what i was talking about today. 

in addition to the Hansen Happenings that have kept me from writing, i have also taken on a small, part-time side job!! i am the public relations and social media consultant for my parents' business. and it's the first job where i am actually utilizing my college degree. isn't that something?! i often find myself digging deep into the depths of my brain between the beer pong tournaments and Wet Seal tube tops (oh, the HORROR!) to try and remember useful things. like writing HTML code for instance. dammit, why couldn't i have paid more attention in that media computer class?! i really can't say this without sounding old, so i'm just going to do it: sometimes i wish i could go back to college and study harder. SO OLD RIGHT NOW. but really, i would love to retake all most of those classes (Survey of Western Civilization, you can suck it. BURN. IN. HELL.) and absorb the information.

also, i feel that i have matured greatly (dutch ovening in bed aside) since college, and have a much stronger sense of self. there was one instance in which i was intimidated in a poetry class and as a result was meek and quiet because i was unsure of myself. on the first day of class we were asked to bring a poem that was interesting to us. so i brought in Leda and the Swan by William Butler Yeats. and when the professor asked me why i chose that poem, i stumbled. i didn't know what to say without sounding like an asshat in front of the class. so i said, "i don't know." isn't that the most terrible answer?! i often think about that moment, and how i would respond now. confidently. and with the same general idea that i had then; how Yeats describes such violence with beautifully written words. how ones senses are entirely aroused by the poem! it's amazing how words can do this! they are so powerful-----and so on. that isn't the point. the point is that if only i had realized my own potential, i would have succeeded! it would be great if my current self could go and pat my college self on the back and say, "good going, L. keep it up, you can do this! you're the shit!"


to all of you college kids: in addition to enjoying all of the Taco Bell your body will allow you to ingest and the ability to function with a hangover, heed my advice: try harder. care about school. learn shit. study. have fun, too. but study your ass off. and also, don't worry! you will figure out who you are. just be confident in the person you are today.

i really didn't mean for this post to take such a soap-boxy turn. but alas, the mind wanders where it must. and i just went with it.

anyway. this is all to say that i am enjoying my little tiny part-time gig. i earn a little money while Gemma is napping and it doesn't really feel like work. it's perfect! and i'm so happy to be using my college degree.


  1. JEALOUS! I'm SO MAD no one told me a Creative Writing degree would be useless. "There's millions to be made!!" they said. "Employers will be knocking down your door!" LIARS.

    Just kidding, I knew it was useless, I'm just cursed with humility before the written word and all that. Congratulations on your new job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smart moms are the best moms.

  2. I mean...lets just call it like it is....you are a mom rockstar!


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