Wednesday, January 29, 2014

the 29th of january, 2014

disclaimer: this is such a boring stay-at-home-mom post.

today! has been a pretttttty good rainy day. let me list why:

1. i let Gemma play with play dough for the first time and after she put it right into her mouth for a taste (why do they DO that?!?!), she loved it. "makin' snake mama!" obviously. who doesn't love to make a classic play dough snake? although i must say i didn't buy the real play dough (you know, Play-Doh)...i bought the Rose Art kind from the dollar section at Target. you'd think that i had learned my lesson after that one time my mom bought me Rose Art crayons in grade school that were literally the WORST CRAYONS ever and meant nothing but waxy problems, that Rose Art is not the best when it comes to crafty goods. but $1 play dough! you know. despite it's shittiness, the play dough was loved by G. next time i'll get her the real kind.

2. i made dinner. spaghetti sauce that his been simmering away all morning and afternoon.

3. and for the first time in forever, we are going to be HOME for the next month! i really do love jetting off, living out of suitcases and traveling with the people i love, but being home is good too. and because i know we'll be home for a bit, i scrubbed the house clean today. i even mopped (!!!) and now it smells like pine-sol up in here! that's the power of pine-sol baby!

4. i got some writing done.

5. and now i will get some work done so i can watch last night's episode of pretty little liars before my friend wakes up from her nap.

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