Monday, January 20, 2014


whaaaaat?!?!?! what is happening to the time?! it slips away from me at an alarming rate, and i'm NOT OK with it. i want to be blogging. i really do. it's just that Gemma is so wild. wild like i have never known a child to be wild. she is on a constant quest for destruction. and since she parrots everything i say now, i can try my best to no longer scream obscenities. and isn't it therapeutic really, when one can shout MOTHERFUCK at the top of her lungs when her toddler has poured an entire mug of scalding hot coffee down her shirt?! the F word does the mind, body and soul some good.

and now it sounds like Gemma is terrible. she isn't. she's absolutely wonderful. she is definitely a Gemstorm, but she is also quite sweet. she loves to give kisses, and snuggle her baby, and pet Cleo and get "co-sthzyyy mama" ("cozy mama" ...she has the cutest lisp there ever was!) under the covers. she also loves to interrupt moments of discipline with "hug mommy HUG HUG HUG!!!!" she is very tricky, melting my heart like that when she is in trouble.

so basically i am just too busy to blog. but really that is so stupid of me to say. i have plenty of time to watch the ENTIRETY OF SCANDAL in 8 days, why can't i find the time to write?! stop it with the excuses, L. but really though, Scandal. omfg. if you haven't begun, GET TO IT.

and now, a rundown of THE HANSEN HAPPENINGS.

Gemma & Santa:

G and Isla: their first annual christmas pajama party and gift exchange! it was a delight.

Gemma and her friends gathered items for the needy kids in our community to donate and their mothers were so proud! a new tradition for us!

JJ and i had a sexydatenight to the nutcracker!

we went to California for Christmas, where Santa brought Gemsie a blow-up horse and hand-foot-and-mouth disease! damn you Santa.

my oldest friend in the world, KitKat had a Christmas baby! we love him!

Gemma colors on Grandma's wall.

we go home. and celebrate NYE with friends!

drop G off in Selah with my parents while JJ and i head to Spokane to watch the zags and spend time with our friends!

we go to DISNEYWORLD with my family!


with Mickey. i love her little highwaters with the socks showing.

 Gem had an obsession with Nemo the entire trip. she watched the movie with my dad on the plane to Florida and was absolutely HORRIFIED when, in the first 5 minutes, that giant scary fish comes and eats Nemo's mother. she had her headphones on and screamed, "OHHHHH NOOOOO FISHIE!!!!! NEMOOOOO!" the look on her face was so fearful, it was the saddest thing in the world. consequently, she was quite worried about Nemo's whereabouts the entire vacation. 

 a tiger in animal kingdom!

3 of us

 her favorite face to make. 


Sad Minnie. JJ and i bought popcorn in the souvenir cup and began eating it. we offered some to Gemma and she started crying. after much deliberation, it was discovered that she wanted to hold the popcorn souvenir cup, with the lid on, and no one--not even she--was allowed to eat any. i mean WTF. the mind of a toddler.  

 JJ's favorite Disney character is Dumbo. his mother says he watched the movie so often as a child that the tape broke. he had been dying to get G her very own Dumbo, and so we did. and he was absolutely THRILLED that she took a liking to him. 

a frozen banana covered in chocolate and nuts, you know. 

in a car.

JJ runs a marathon (so does my mom. and everyone else aside from my dad and me and Gemma ran the half marathon).  

 the original 6
classic nip slip

mermaid butt!


and discover that butterbeer is in fact, the most delicious thing ON THE ENTIRE PLANET 


Hogwarts & me. 

DEATHLY HALLOWS TEE! i was too excited to wait. i put it right on after i bought it and my family was embarrassed for me. as were the people in the lefthand side of this photo.

and then we got home and immediately became depressed. 


i was only cheered up by this:

then it was Isla's first birthday! Gemma thought all of the gifts were for her. she also pushed the birthday girl down on the ground. #rude

and then the Seahawks won and are now headed to the Super Bowl. and i just generally hate football. but Gemma really seems to like it. she saw this balloon in the grocery store and yelled "FOOBALL!!!!!!! BALLOOOON!" and so it came home with us. where she carried it around all day and shouted, "go seacocks!"

there were some playdates and dinner dates. a tale of a lost mitten and the petting of a kitten. 

and the last photo in my camera roll is of the rooster i saw this morning. 

and now you are up to date. the end. 


  1. DUMBO. OMG, seriously. He watched it every. damn. day. And the tape did break. It was so cute--glad the tradition continues!

  2. yayyyyyyyyyyyy! thanks for the update!

  3. Love the highlight reel. "Go Seacocks!" (I'm shouting that at my TV from now on!)

  4. Catching up on your blog posts. I wanted to let you know your Deathly Hallows shirt is the bomb and i got a matching tat a few weeks ago... HP foreva!


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