Monday, January 27, 2014

the windy city

we are back from Chicago and i think i left my brain there. Gem fell asleep on the way home from the airport, so when we got inside, i quickly changed her into pajamas and put her to bed.

this morning when JJ went to get her, he said, "L. next time you put the baby to bed, can you please remember to put a diaper on her?" OMG. i literally forgot to diaper my child. she was covered in pee. thankfully it was just pee. THANK.FULLY.

anyway, what a whirlwind weekend it was, full of doughnuts, a beautiful baby shower, arctic vortexes and teaching older women about what a hashtag is. it was quite eventful. a girls' weekend to the maxxxx! i shared a room with G and JJ's sister and i really think JJ's sister missed her calling in espionage ninja warrior. she is the stealthiest person i've ever met. she would silently appear in the room without warning and scare me every single time! once i even fell to the ground in fear.

anyway, here are some pictures to detail our adventures:

doesn't she look like a queen here? she does wonderfully on flights now that she's addicted to TV (although now we are on day 1 of Bubble Guppies detox and let me tell you, it ain't pretty). she threw a fit as we were walking through first class because i wouldn't let her carry the bag (it was enormously heavy). the first class people were probably beyond thrilled that our seat was at the very back of the plane. far, far away from their warm towelettes and champagne.

day 1. JJ's sister S, me and JJ's mom (Gemma too, obviously). on our way to explore the city. for the record, we only made it half a block. it was so bitterly cold. we could hardly breathe! we found a shopping center and ducked into it for about 3 hours.  also, it should be noted that my dumb ass forgot GEMMA'S COAT. the single most important thing a person can forget when going to Chicago in January! luckily the gap was having a major sale and i scored a leopard print puffer for 15 bucks. 

bellinis at the bar on the top floor of the hotel! 

lounging around in the hotel.

it was COLD AS TITS in Chicago. so. mother. effing. cold. Gemma really works outerwear though.

getting ready for the baby shower. of course i so rudely don't have any pictures of the glowing mom-to-be or the actual baby shower (the whole reason we went to Chicago!) for the record, she looks gorgeous and the shower was wonderful!

JJ's sisters, Gem and me. 

 life with GJ. BURRYYYYY. also, JJ's sister said i look like Rhoda in this hat. 

leaving the hotel and Miss G throws the world's most dramatic fit. usually i let her finish them out on the floor, but we were outside getting into the taxi, so i picked her up. look at her face, "IT'S SO HARD TO BE ME, GHODDDD!"

waiting for our flight home. this was before we boarded, but after she got mad at me and ripped off my glasses. it's a new thing of hers. and nothing makes me more mad. and she knows it. anyway, after a timeout we made up ("love ooo mama" followed by a slobbery kiss and a big hug) and she had a great flight home. 

our time seemed to fly by, and sadly we didn't get to meet up with friends who live there (wahhhhh! so sorry Kel & family!) but we had a wonderful little vacay. until next time chi-town! 

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