Wednesday, January 22, 2014

what's inside my brain

1. do you ever get the sensation that someone is following you? no? too much Scandal for me in one week? ok.

2. i was so royally pissed off that that ikea was sold out of their children's mushroom hats today. and that was not the first time ikea was out of something that i wanted. GET IT TOGETHER IKEA. ghodddd.

3. can i tell you how much i love Francesca's heart garland strung through her glittery antlers please?! (my friend makes these amazing garlands!)

4. Gemcake and i are going to Chicago tomorrow. and it's going to be colder than a witch's tit in a cast iron bra. looking so forward to a visit with people we love, but not looking forward to the temps. JJ's Californian sisters and mom have been calling and texting all week, "L! WHAT DO I NEED?! SNOW BOOTS? omg. ew. L, snow boots are so ugly. i don't even have a coat! do i need to wear tights under my jeans to keep me warm?" i die laughing at all the questions and comments from them.

5. sports have no place in my life. but i gotta say, after all of this jazzed up excitement about the seahawks, i thought maybe i should hop on the bandwagon. i told JJ that i just miiiiiiight have to get a piece of fan wear . then i looked online. not only are the choices mostly hideous, they are charging $32 for a god damn t-shirt! what? like, no. sorry. i tried, seahawks. i tried to care.

6. Gemma has this bunny vest. and it's literally the best thing she has ever owned in her entireeeee lifeeeee. and i am kicking myself for not buying one in every size until she's 16. thankfully my sister-in-law E snagged her one in size 3T so i have something to look forward to. but really though. THAT BUNNY VEST?!?!?!?!?!!! i think when G grows up, and i picture her as a little kid, i will picture this vest.

7. GAP! you have done it again! these undies are my new favorites! my nether regions vote HELL YES! my sisters and i got them in our stockings and CA named them "Lace Top Full Coverage" which is exactly what they are! finally! a sexy full-bottomed pair of underwear!

8. POLL TIME: business calls made while taking a dump? yay or nay?

9. i have some crazy high expectations of my springtime garden (my actual garden. this isn't a sexual innuendo, you sicko!) i want a fluffy, purple and bountiful French countryside garden. any of you have green thumbs? where should i begin? 

10. i'll leave you with this: baby me. look at my pearl necklace. aren't i just the classiest? also noteworthy: my dad's uggs, before uggs were a thing. 


  1. I'm sorry - BUNNY VEST. A bunny vest and this is the first I am seeing and hearing about it?!?!?!?? Are we even friends?! Do I even know you anymore?!? A BUNNY VEST!!!!

  2. Bunny vest fans: we got them at Crazy 8 I don't know if they still have it online, but I got it at our store here in AZ for $5!!

  3. "fluffy, purple and bountiful French countryside garden"

  4. i looove that bunny vest! Have fun in Chicago :)


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