Friday, February 7, 2014

what's inside my brain right now

1. pictured above is Gemma's reaction to the teensy tiny snow flurry we had this week.

2. thanks for the words of encouragement on Gem and toddlerdom! i started the book and found a quote that made me laugh out loud because it's so true: "There are times when parenthood seems like nothing more than feeding the hand that bites you." --Peter De Vries

3. my ads on Facebook are all about dieting. wtf? i never told you i wanted to lose weight Facebook! so rude.

4. JJ shut the blinds the other night and Gemma said, "good girl daddy!" we about died laughing.

5. our MMM play area acquired a new pet. is it the most disgusting pet ever. a white hamster with beady red eyes. if i was a little kid i would be terrified of that monstrous rodent (i had flashes of bunnicula when i first saw it. bulghhhhh. bunnicula scared the shit out of me in elementary school). but these two girls are so into the hideous creature. sorry girls, neither of you will be getting a hamster for your birthday. (do you see him there? all huddled up in the left corner? yulllk!)

6. WHY is it that gorilla glue never sticks to anything but my own fingers?!?! it's so irritating.

7. to my dear friend Mel who brought us Jimmy Johns today: i. love. you. I LOVE YOU

8. Gemsie has a real chore now: she feeds Cleo. we let her do it once and now it's her job--she gets so pissed if anyone else tries to do it. this is obviously a huge help to us, since she never spills or anything.

9. i had a dream i was friends with Spiderman! i woke up disappointed. i really want to be friends with Spiderman!

10. Narcissistic Hansens:


  1. please no more pillows

  2. please share all your wisdom for that book. bc who has time to read?



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