Wednesday, March 19, 2014



i'm feeling a little haggard. we've had a rough string of days/nights. i think the 2-year molars might be to blame. she's chewing on everything and refusing to nap during the day. and there are many angry wake-ups in the night (FOURTEEN ONE NIGHT. fourteen). my wonderful sleeper is now a werewolf. and we're both so tired. little snippets of sleep here and there isn't good for anyone! last night i had a dream that Gemma was a twin. there were literally two of her. i woke up in a panicky cold sweat. terrifying. anyway, i hope this is a phase and it passes. because otherwise i'm going to die.

and of course, because timing is cruel, JJ is off on a work/play trip (torturing me with pictures of in n out and blissful full nights of sleep in a king size bed) and so it's just me and Gemma and Cleo. last night at bedtime i realized that we were out of milk. ksahdfkjsd so i took Gemma to the grocery store in her pajamas. and we came home with milk and ice cream (for me to eat in bed while watching Frasier reruns reading) and popsicles (for G's achy gums/teeth). this morning the first thing she said when she woke up was "eye keem? pock-sickles?" the child never forgets anything.

so popsicles and yogurt for breakfast it is! because i just don't care. popsicles totally count as one fruit serving anyway.

can i get a fist pump from the other #haggardmothers out there?


  1. Preach. I'm so done with the toddlerhood nonsense. N2 was screaming for a banana last night, so I gave her one. She then promptly threw it on the ground and started screaming "No no no no no!" Sigh....wake me when she's in kindergarten.

  2. Um, I don't have a toddler but I do have a 10 month old who refuses to sleep at night. Does that count? Because I'm deeeeefinitely a haggard mama these days.

  3. Molars are hell. So are eye teeth :/

  4. Can I get a witness! My son is becoming the devil. #lovehim

  5. If she's going to be a stinker, she can't come to Hawaii! (just kidding) Looks like you need lots of Aloha. Papa and I will entertain bebe.


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