Friday, March 14, 2014


striking a pose in Disneyworld while the oblivious idiots around me get on with their business

ye old blog! i've missed you. isn't it annoying when i say i'm going to be around here more often and then i don't appear for weeks? what a flake, L. ghoddddd. no excuse this time except that my brain is mushy. anyway, i'm here. for now. i'm settling in to write now. i'm all cozied up on my couch with Gemma and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. we're in our jammies on this cold gray day. also we are eating oyster crackers and stale cheese because grocery shopping is overrated.

so, here we go!

can we talk about sinus infections for a sec? i've never had one before this week. in fact, i very rarely get sick at all. but when i do, it's always a terribly dramatic affair (like the stomach flu on a camping trip. how unlucky?!?! all you ever wanted was a running toilet when you have the stomach flu. i had a bush. A BUSH. and it took me years to be able to eat licorice again after that. but ANYWAY) i always kind of thought sinus infections were a farce. like no, just blow your nose harder, you're fine! but really sinus infections are the absolute worst. just the worst. never have i been in so much consistent and agonizing pain (and i had a baby!)--the pressure was unbearable. also, i now own a neti pot and know how to use it without drowning myself. but the neti pot didn't solve my problem. i had pain everywhere! behind my eyes, my cheeks, my jaw and teeth, my ears--even my neck. sinus infections are not for the faint of heart. i literally couldn't get out of bed on Wednesday because of the pain. i watched 3 episodes of House and two movies (What's Your Number? ((a hilarious and vastly underrated flick)) and Crazy, Stupid Love) that day. not a bad line-up, but still. i wish i had been swatting Gem's hands away from the toilet or something like a regular day. JJ was a peach and worked from home so he could care for both the child and me. and by 7 p.m. that night he proclaimed "i am exhausted! it is hard work doing everything alone! i don't know how single parents do it." word, JJ. word.

anyway, i finally went to urgent care because i couldn't get into the regular doctor. i hate urgent care places. why are they so gross? and can someone please tell me why are they always sandwiched between a Ross and a methadone clinic? i walked into the grungy place and the guy behind the desk had a neck tattoo--A NECK TATTOO YOU GUYS. actually he had three. two Chinese symbols and a cartoon shamrock. and the medical history form i filled out was way more concerned with my possible drinking and drug problems than it was with the actual reason i came into the godforsaken facility in the first place.

but i shouldn't complain about this place too much. because they prescribed me a power antibiotic that has killed the monster in my sinus. it has also killed my GI tract, but we won't get into that.

any other sinus sufferers out there? i feel like i'm part of a club now that i've been through this. my face is still sore, but i'm on the mend. i'll be ship shape in no time.

and that is the story of my bum sinus. Mickey just did the hotdog dance, i'm out!

p.s. a friend sent me this week's LOLcat. and i'm obsessed with it. i love that people send me LOLcats now.

p.s.s. i did a guest post on my fave (and pretty much only) DIY project on Pretty Wednesday! check it out.


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you are feeling better. And BEST DIY post ever! XOXOX

  2. Great that you've got over it and back to 100%, you certainly look good and really rocking those Wellies.

  3. A cartoon shamrock neck tattoo. Is that real? Let me guess--this place was on Aurora? SCARY! :)
    ps- glad you're back. xoxo.

  4. I have sinus disease and had surgery to help me back in June of 2008. I don't use the sinus rinse like I'm supposed to, and the neti pot isn't used because it doesn't have enough volume to clean my sinuses out. I go to an ENT specialist at the University of Cincinnati Physicians. Glad you're feeling better and hope your sinus nightmares are few and far between. I, too, experience the utmost unbearable pressure behind my eyes, in my jaw area, cheeks, etc. No fun, that's for sure. Take care!


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