Friday, March 21, 2014

what's inside my brain

1. my coffee date yesterday morning! she feels so fancy when i get her "my Gemma coffee" (vanilla steamer).

2. i went the whole day yesterday with a toothpaste splatter mark on the left lens of my glasses. HOW did i not notice it?! ALL DAY?!

3. even though KUWTK is a guilty pleasure of mine (along with butterfingers eggs, which are here for Easter--HOLLER!) Kim & Kanye on the cover of Vogue: i cannot. get out of here you guys. for shame, Anna Wintour.

4. right now: eating King's Row, watching the Zags game with my dad in our pajamas while G takes a nap.

5.  my friend Nel sent me this article: Inside a Woman's Mind at Target. hahahahah omg is it true. 100% true. the one thing i would have added: the first thing i do when i walk into Target is head straight for the snack section. if Gemma has something to eat, she generally behaves decently and i can shop in peace.

6. Gemcake's new favorite phrase: "i no wannit." she says it to almost everything: when i set a meal down in front of her, when i tell her we're going in the car, when it's time for nap, when Cleo licks her hand, etc.

7. little luxury worth the absurd price tag: Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. side note: G is obsessed with the cardboard box it came it. she has been carrying it around all day today in the chest pocket of her overalls. hahahahhaaa

8. JJ hates this Asics commercial. he thinks it's so fake. he says "that wife just let him get into bed all sweaty like that? no." hahahhahaa

9. i debated on wether or not to share this with you guys. because i'm selfish and want to hog my new obsession all to myself...but then i decided to be reasonable. so here you go: the Mossimo Linen Drapey V Tee from Target. it's oversized, soft as butter, 12 bucks and the most perfect tee i've ever owned.

10. i will leave you with this picture from our last trip to CA because i love it so much. Gemma quite literally driving Miss Daisy:


  1. Already have one of those linen tees! THE best.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Sorry that comment above is fully from me but my stupid husband's login is saved in blogger (on the computer I supposedly got for Xmas--who are we kidding here B? ;) Anywho.....

    HAHAHAHAHHA - Love Gemma Driving Miss Daisy. #GemmaWins.


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